Friday, December 24, 2010

Brendan Telfer and The Halberg Awards

Once again Brendan Telfer is manipulating the
New Zealand sporting public with the Halberg awards.

Brendan Telfer who is a senior judge and Journalist on
Radio sport has a history of Journalistic rape that goes back

Even just recently he wouldn't nominate the Kiwis for winning
the world cup in 2008, because in his words "The Rugby League
World Cup is worthless" yet he managed to vote to give the
Supreme award to the Silver Ferns for winning the sport of
Netball, a sport so nonexistent it wasn't even shown on television
in Australia, the other finalist.

So this year, the Halbergs have started a special award
that will be decided by public voting, called "The Moment
of the Year" and again what has Brendon Telfer done, but
pushed his netball barrel on not only the public but the
other judges and that is nothing but Journalist Rape.

So when the Netballer's clean out the awards,  Brendan
Telfer can go back on the radio and say, "well, the Judges
were right to give the supreme award to the Netballers,
take a look at the sporting moment  award that was voted
by fans.

Well Mr Telfer, the public is being lead by you and your
partners in crime the sporting media to go this way, and if
there was any decency in our sporting media at all, the All
Whites (New Zealand Football team) will clean up because
tof their 2010 world cup performance.

A country's sports fans knowledge comes from what their
media tells them, and for decades you have been lying and
misleading  the public just to promote the rather small sport
you love. While sports like Football, Basketball and Rugby
League are being put to the backbenchers.

Now the Rugby media and the NZRFU  loves you for this,
because you see, Netball isn't a threat to their sport, but
Football, League and Basketball are, so Rugby
Journos are cheering you on.

I just feel so sad for the New Zealand sporting public, that
there are Journalists like you, what you do is Journalistic Rape
and you should never be allowed near a microphone or a pen

If there is any justice in the world, The All Whites will win team
of the year, Ryan Nelsen male sports man of the year, and
Ricki Herbert Coach, the moment would of course be Reid's
goal. Runner up will be the Kiwis.

But of course that anit going to happen is it, Telfer.

It's going to be all about the Netball.

My fingers and Toes are crossed that Im wrong.

But I'm ani't holding my breath.

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