Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blackcaps Thrased

Is this the new low? Has the Blackcaps finally reached the bottom
of the barrel, or can we go lower. India today beat the blackcaps
by eight wickets, after we were bundled out for 103.

Nothing can be said about the most pathetic team in world cricket.
I thought the drunken Fleming years were bad, but this believe it
or not was worse. One of the main problems as I see it, is this
team has two many friends in the media, blaming the same old
factors, and again Simon Doull's whipping boy is sport science.

Well the problem is not sport science, but the lack of it. This team
still has players that are chain smokers and heavy drinkers, name me
one proffesional sports team on the planet this decade
that the majority of the players drink and smoke, I dont think you can.

Congrats have to be given to the Indian cricket team,
always proffesional, always beautiful to watch, if
only the blackcaps took notice, but they are
too busy drinking and smoking to worry about cricket.

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