Monday, December 6, 2010

Ben Sigmund Scores Last Second Thriller

The Local boy comes good.

Ben Sigmund gave the good people of Christchurch, another
sporting highlight and Christchurch wasn't even playing.

The Wellington Phoenix took their home against Adelaide to
the South Island and 14 thousand people showed up to what
must of been the match of season.

Local Christchurch boy Ben Sigmund sent the crowd into a frenzy,
with last ten seconds left of injury headed the ball into
the goal.

After attack after attack, which the Phoenix should of
scored, all look lost, until the Phoenix were awarded
a corner and there the magic happen.

Here's hopping Terry will take his team to the South
Island more often and here's hoping for more once in
a life finishes that we had on Sunday.

My fingers are crossed.

Time will tell.

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