Friday, November 12, 2010

Should Charlie Sheen be Allowed near this Kid?

How Hollywood protects it's kid actors should really be questioned.

Sure during the years of filming Two and a Half Men, there was
never a recorded incident of abuse by Charlie towards Angus.

Still during the years of filming, (Angus was 10 ten years old)
during the first season, there were many reported incidents of
Charlie's reckless behavior, public drunkenness, cocaine,
Mr Sheen's love of hookers and violence against woman.

Now this may of never affected the filming of Two and a Half men,
but what message does it send to a ten year old child, that adults
will say to this kid, your going to work with this guy for
12 hours a day,six days a week.

Surly the kid is thinking well, my parents and the studio bosses
don't have a problem with me spending my time with this guy so it
must be okay.

Now I don't have kids, but there is no way I would want my
child to work with someone who has so many issues no
matter how much money he or she was bringing in.

The other actors who were are all adults, can make up their
own mind, but this was a child actor (He is now 17) who
could of been put in a dangerous situation if Sheen had
snorted one on the day of filming.

I just think there should be better protection for kid

Time will tell.

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