Thursday, November 18, 2010

My First In control Lucid Dream

Thank you Inception, for getting me into Lucid dreams,
in the past two weeks I have been trying to have a Lucid
dream, and succeeded twice but I wasn't in control, until
the other night, and what a mind blowing experience.

I have been doing my RC during the day and then came the dream,
now in the dream I didn't perform a RC check, but this is what

I was walking through a concert hall and these men were after me
because I helped out Jack Bauer, all of a sudden, I thought hey
'Im dreaming, so I took a deep breath and said to myself, "I want
to go to a theme park"

And there I was... so I started walking and thought I want to go
on a water slide, and there I was at the top of this huge
water slide, (all the time I knew I was dreaming) I went
down the slide and thought, perhaps I can dream about having
a steak sandwich, and there I was sitting at a table.

Though everytime I went to order, I would be interrupted, I
was trying to think what can I do to stop being interrupted, does
my subconscious want to stop me from eating a steak sandwich?

I woke up, to my dog barking. I thought the dream was pretty cool

Hope I have some more.

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