Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet the New Rob and Amber

Meet the new Rob and Amber, Chad and Stephanie. They are
a couple on The Amazing Race and it would seem, they are
ratings winners, so if they are last, I would guess that
that particular leg, will be a non elimination, if another
team is ahead of them for second to last place, Im guessing
that team will have a penalty like the father and son had.

Am I too cynical??

I love the Amazing race and have only questioned it during
the season of Rob and Amber and now. I'm guessing this cheesy
sleazy, wannabe reality TV star couple, will make it through
to the final, what will happened, this idiot has already proposed
there's bit much else for him to do.

Here's hoping the best couple will win, and that anit you Chad
and your plastic showpiece. (that's what she said)

Time will tell.

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