Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kiwiblog shows class, The Standard has no standards

Thoughts and Prays are with the miners and their families in
Greymouth, may they all get out safe.

This story has New Zealand on a knife edge, TV, radio, and the Print
media are giving this tragic story wall to wall coverage.

Two bloggers from different sides of the political fence are also
covering this extensively.

There is the left wing blog "The Standard" and the right wing
blog "Kiwiblog" both blogs have their avid readers posting
comments, and both blogs and their readers have seem to
taken a different tack in their posts.

KiwiBlog the right wing blog, has hundreds of messages
hoping and praying and giving thoughts to the miners, the
main writers are basically making sure that politics don't
come into the posts and the focus is on the safe return
of the miners.

Meanwhile the left wing blog "The Standard" may have a few
posts about the miners themselves, but a lot of the messages
are focusing on how bad the shareholders are, and they can go
F themselves, and how bad mining is.

IMHO now is not the time, I'm a left wing guy, but the Standard
once again are showing they have no standards, they have
automatically turn this into an anti capitalist story which
it anit. They are a mirror image of Fox news IMHO.

Im also guessing that John Minto from will
be taping away at his computer like a mad man.

Like I said I'm left wing, I just wish, certain bloggers
will wait until everybody is out of this mine before ripping
into an industry and kiwi shareholders for this tragic event.

May all get out, safe and well.

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