Friday, November 19, 2010

Garth Still Protecting Album Artists

It's all about the albums, and that's the way it should be.
Once again Garth Brooks has shown his class by saying no to
Itunes. There is a handful of artists, that have said no to
Itunes, ACDC, Bob Segar, but only Garth and Tool are doing to
protect albums.

Both artists have never been about singles even at the start of
their career, and Itunes is the Grim reaper to albums.

It lets people pick and choose what songs off an album they want,
and then with one click of the mouse you have that song.

Well IMHO albums are a piece of art, you wouldn't buy a painting
and say, well cut that bit off, I don't want it, you wouldn't rip
out pages of a book, why should music be different?

Many Garth fans were in shock when a fake news website said he had
sign, but Garth is still about protecting the music.

The linear notes, the art work, how each song dances with each
other is what music is all about.

Thankyou Garth and Tool for remembering that, if only the rest
of the music world had the same mindset.

Its all about the music Garth Brooks

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