Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garth Brooks Sells out Nine Shows for Benefit

Country singer Garth Brooks has once again proven he's
still one of the most popular acts in the USA despite
beginning retired since 2001.

Garth's last full tour finished in 1998 and he retired from
making full studio albums in 2001, so he could look after
his three daughters.

Apart form playing around 10 weekends a year doing a one man
show at the historic Encore theater, Garth spends his time
taking his kids to soccer practice and going to school events and
doing the odd charity event.

Recently the floods in Nashville devastated the region, and Garth
Brooks has decided to do a run of concerts, full band, big arena
to raise money for the victims.

If anyone ever doubted that Garth was still a popular act, well
their doubts have been answered, he has smashed Michael Jackson's
record and has sold out nine straight shows.

Well done to all who got tickets. In a months time your about
to see a very special entertainer do his magic, I wish i was

Hats off to Garth.

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