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Too Sad

Too sad for words or pictures.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kiwiblog shows class, The Standard has no standards

Thoughts and Prays are with the miners and their families in
Greymouth, may they all get out safe.

This story has New Zealand on a knife edge, TV, radio, and the Print
media are giving this tragic story wall to wall coverage.

Two bloggers from different sides of the political fence are also
covering this extensively.

There is the left wing blog "The Standard" and the right wing
blog "Kiwiblog" both blogs have their avid readers posting
comments, and both blogs and their readers have seem to
taken a different tack in their posts.

KiwiBlog the right wing blog, has hundreds of messages
hoping and praying and giving thoughts to the miners, the
main writers are basically making sure that politics don't
come into the posts and the focus is on the safe return
of the miners.

Meanwhile the left wing blog "The Standard" may have a few
posts about the miners themselves, but a lot of the messages
are focusing on how bad the shareholders are, and they can go
F themselves, and how bad mining is.

IMHO now is not the time, I'm a left wing guy, but the Standard
once again are showing they have no standards, they have
automatically turn this into an anti capitalist story which
it anit. They are a mirror image of Fox news IMHO.

Im also guessing that John Minto from will
be taping away at his computer like a mad man.

Like I said I'm left wing, I just wish, certain bloggers
will wait until everybody is out of this mine before ripping
into an industry and kiwi shareholders for this tragic event.

May all get out, safe and well.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Garth Still Protecting Album Artists

It's all about the albums, and that's the way it should be.
Once again Garth Brooks has shown his class by saying no to
Itunes. There is a handful of artists, that have said no to
Itunes, ACDC, Bob Segar, but only Garth and Tool are doing to
protect albums.

Both artists have never been about singles even at the start of
their career, and Itunes is the Grim reaper to albums.

It lets people pick and choose what songs off an album they want,
and then with one click of the mouse you have that song.

Well IMHO albums are a piece of art, you wouldn't buy a painting
and say, well cut that bit off, I don't want it, you wouldn't rip
out pages of a book, why should music be different?

Many Garth fans were in shock when a fake news website said he had
sign, but Garth is still about protecting the music.

The linear notes, the art work, how each song dances with each
other is what music is all about.

Thankyou Garth and Tool for remembering that, if only the rest
of the music world had the same mindset.

Its all about the music Garth Brooks

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My First In control Lucid Dream

Thank you Inception, for getting me into Lucid dreams,
in the past two weeks I have been trying to have a Lucid
dream, and succeeded twice but I wasn't in control, until
the other night, and what a mind blowing experience.

I have been doing my RC during the day and then came the dream,
now in the dream I didn't perform a RC check, but this is what

I was walking through a concert hall and these men were after me
because I helped out Jack Bauer, all of a sudden, I thought hey
'Im dreaming, so I took a deep breath and said to myself, "I want
to go to a theme park"

And there I was... so I started walking and thought I want to go
on a water slide, and there I was at the top of this huge
water slide, (all the time I knew I was dreaming) I went
down the slide and thought, perhaps I can dream about having
a steak sandwich, and there I was sitting at a table.

Though everytime I went to order, I would be interrupted, I
was trying to think what can I do to stop being interrupted, does
my subconscious want to stop me from eating a steak sandwich?

I woke up, to my dog barking. I thought the dream was pretty cool

Hope I have some more.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet the New Rob and Amber

Meet the new Rob and Amber, Chad and Stephanie. They are
a couple on The Amazing Race and it would seem, they are
ratings winners, so if they are last, I would guess that
that particular leg, will be a non elimination, if another
team is ahead of them for second to last place, Im guessing
that team will have a penalty like the father and son had.

Am I too cynical??

I love the Amazing race and have only questioned it during
the season of Rob and Amber and now. I'm guessing this cheesy
sleazy, wannabe reality TV star couple, will make it through
to the final, what will happened, this idiot has already proposed
there's bit much else for him to do.

Here's hoping the best couple will win, and that anit you Chad
and your plastic showpiece. (that's what she said)

Time will tell.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Guess who won the four nations title? :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Should Charlie Sheen be Allowed near this Kid?

How Hollywood protects it's kid actors should really be questioned.

Sure during the years of filming Two and a Half Men, there was
never a recorded incident of abuse by Charlie towards Angus.

Still during the years of filming, (Angus was 10 ten years old)
during the first season, there were many reported incidents of
Charlie's reckless behavior, public drunkenness, cocaine,
Mr Sheen's love of hookers and violence against woman.

Now this may of never affected the filming of Two and a Half men,
but what message does it send to a ten year old child, that adults
will say to this kid, your going to work with this guy for
12 hours a day,six days a week.

Surly the kid is thinking well, my parents and the studio bosses
don't have a problem with me spending my time with this guy so it
must be okay.

Now I don't have kids, but there is no way I would want my
child to work with someone who has so many issues no
matter how much money he or she was bringing in.

The other actors who were are all adults, can make up their
own mind, but this was a child actor (He is now 17) who
could of been put in a dangerous situation if Sheen had
snorted one on the day of filming.

I just think there should be better protection for kid

Time will tell.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Be True to your School now (Except if your gay)

As the song goes "Be true to your school" I guess it
doesn't count if your gay. Unfortunately a school in
Australia has decided to stop a Lesbian couple going to
their own School prom.

Why the heck in 2010 are people still bigoted against
gay people. It's bad enough to dislike someone just
because of their sexuality, but to stop a high school
couple to going to own Prom is sickening. I cannot
believe, these jackasses, they probably feel pleased with
themselves, they have ruined one of the biggest moments
in these young girl's life's for their own prejudices.

Maybe in another century, gay people will have equal rights,
because they don't have equal rights now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Lucid Dream

Well I had a Lucid dream last night, well sort of, I was
in a Haunted house, and I tried the RC test,
by tossing something in the air, it didnt work
but the light switched RC worked.

I got up, I saw my clock was the wrong time and then
thought, man I'm going to wake up soon and then
I did, Im going to get better at control I think,
this time next year, I hope my dreams are like Inception.

Not sure what level I will get too.

Time well tell.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garth Brooks Sells out Nine Shows for Benefit

Country singer Garth Brooks has once again proven he's
still one of the most popular acts in the USA despite
beginning retired since 2001.

Garth's last full tour finished in 1998 and he retired from
making full studio albums in 2001, so he could look after
his three daughters.

Apart form playing around 10 weekends a year doing a one man
show at the historic Encore theater, Garth spends his time
taking his kids to soccer practice and going to school events and
doing the odd charity event.

Recently the floods in Nashville devastated the region, and Garth
Brooks has decided to do a run of concerts, full band, big arena
to raise money for the victims.

If anyone ever doubted that Garth was still a popular act, well
their doubts have been answered, he has smashed Michael Jackson's
record and has sold out nine straight shows.

Well done to all who got tickets. In a months time your about
to see a very special entertainer do his magic, I wish i was

Hats off to Garth.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reality test

Perhaps I like Inception too much??

I did the reality test in real life, by
throwing something in the air and catching
it (Chapstick of all things) and sure enough
I tried it a dream (too see if I was dreaming)
but nothing unusal happened, but after I did it
in the dream I thought, "This sucks Im dreaming,
but the test ain't working, because
its still coming down as normal.

So I guess it was partly a lucid dream afterall.

Friday, November 5, 2010

You give dogs scooby snacks to munch on

And not other things.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm a left wing happy type guy

Im pro choice, I support gay marriage, I hate any sort of bigotry,
I believe you should pay tax, I believe more should be spent
on health and education, my favorite songs are about gay rights,
racial equality, Im a fan of Michael Moore, I dont like Fox news,
I like Shep Smith though, I hate sexist people. etc etc etc.
I enjoy the music of Garth Brooks, Randy Newman, George Strait and
John Lennon, I love Ricky Gervais and Borat, I enjoy the American
office and love 24.

I think of most views Im too the left, although I have some
right wing views, so Im pretty balance, so why do some
people call me a right wing nutcase???

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celtics to win the NBA

You have heard it here first, just three games in.

The garden will be rocking come June.

Monday, November 1, 2010