Friday, September 10, 2010

Shhhh Dont Mention the B word

Why is it so hard for the New Zealand Sporting Media to tell
the truth.

There is big debate in this part of the world, about how we
can take our national sport of Rugby Union to Asia.

This debate started when a rugby match between New Zealand and
Australia, sold less than 10 thousand tickets in Hong Kong, a
nation fill of expat Kiwis and Aussies.

Well the debate turned into how can Rugby Grow in Asia and
especially Japan.

Brendan Telfer and his fellow NZ journalists went on
to say, how can Rugby compete with Soccer in Japan,
can Rugby overtake soccer, what do we have to do to
get Rugby in a Soccer and sumo mad nation.

What our Journos failed to do, was to explain to
the New Zealand public that Japan is baseball mad
that its the most popular team sport in japan and
its unofficially their National pastime.

Journos with 20 to 30 years experience of covering
sport must know this, but once again, they don't want
to create a impression in the minds of Kiwis that
Rugby ain't the second most popular team sport in
the world and in fact its far behind the likes of
Baseball, Volleyball, basketball, Ice hockey, Handball,
etc etc etc.

Telling the truth will be too hard, telling the
public what they want to hear is easy.

Will they ever change?

I ain't holding my breath.

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