Saturday, August 28, 2010

Telfer Commits Another Crime Against Journalism

As World's sports second biggest championship is
just seven hours away, Brendan Telfer has
once again committed a crime against

New Zealand is about to compete in the Basketball
World Champs and all last week, during his radio
show this didn't get one mention
from Brendan Telfer.

Although he did manage to mention several
insignificant sports that have little bearing
globally, he forgot this major global

Why does he do this, well, this thin skinned
hypocrite, is a cheerleader but only for his
sports, and if any sport that he deems to be
in competition with the sports he loves,
wont rate a mention.

He has done this for decades and the
NewZealand sporting public
is worse off.

I feel sorry for the public, and sorry for our
Basketballers who don't get the attention they

I only hope that one the rest of the NewZealand
media will wake up to to his tactics.

I anit holding my breath.

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