Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phoenix Shirts to be Banned during Rugby World Cup?

It seems The Event Management act is going to be taken
very seriously by the folks at the NZRFU. If rumors on
the interweb are true, this act may stop the soccer
loving fans of Wellington wearing thier Phoenix shirts
in town.

Basically at the moment the act states there can be no viral
(Ambush)marketing during the RWC. For examples if Pespi is a
sponsor, and you are hanging out a Coca-Cola beach towel on
your washing line, RWC security officers (who have been given
special police powers for the duration of the tournament) have
the right to come on to your property and seize your property.

The RWC security officers will be workers from various security

This is scary, because if these officers see three
or four phoenix fans walking around town in their Phoenix
shirts, and they are within 3khm of a stadium, that Officer
has the right not to only to confiscate the shirts, but to
make a citizen arrest.

The NZRFU may deemed other code be in direct violation
of the act.

Now you would think, the NZRFU wouldn't go to that level,
but with whats been happening in the past few months in the
build up to next years cup, I think the rumors going around
are worth listening too.

This will lead to serious trouble, and might end
up embarrassing this country. I only hope if a
incident like this happens early on, the media
will be all over it.

I anit holding my breath though.

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