Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garth Concert review

The show was about the music he grew up on, his music, and the music of his idols.

he started the show, saying he was born in 1962 and did the music of artists that his dad use to listen to. he sang some merle, and joked about all the songs were about times people spent in prison. he got on to the 70's and sang some Segar and James Taylor, or course during the 80's he sand some Strait and Randy Travis.

Of his own stuff, for me the highlight was when he sang a blues type version of his song Rodeo, other songs of his he sang was unanswered prayers, shameless, Friends in low places, the dance, that summer, and the dance, among others.

It was a real intimate performance, joking about his childhood, joking about his kids, and it also got real interesting when he described how he and his song writers how they write the songs they do and get their ideas.

Their was banter with the audience, friendly ribbing, all in all it was a real personal experience, Trisha came on and did walkaway Joe and in another eye's.

He ended with Piano man.

It was well worth the flight from New Zealand!

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