Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leinhart wants an Explanation

Matt wants an explanation on why the Cards havent
named their starting QB for the regular season.

Here is one Matt, Anderson's had a good preseason
and you havent showed much at all.

Good enough for you.

PS: Please prove me wrong.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

TVNZ Nightly Sports News Does a Telfer

Not one mention of the Basketball world champs that tip
off in six hours. This is a disgrace, and a insult to the
New Zealand Basketball team.

It's also deliberate attempt to keep any sport that they
deem to be a threat to their precious rugby out the public
sport light.

If only all our Journos were like the great Tony Smith.

Its a sad day for Journalism in this country.

Telfer Commits Another Crime Against Journalism

As World's sports second biggest championship is
just seven hours away, Brendan Telfer has
once again committed a crime against

New Zealand is about to compete in the Basketball
World Champs and all last week, during his radio
show this didn't get one mention
from Brendan Telfer.

Although he did manage to mention several
insignificant sports that have little bearing
globally, he forgot this major global

Why does he do this, well, this thin skinned
hypocrite, is a cheerleader but only for his
sports, and if any sport that he deems to be
in competition with the sports he loves,
wont rate a mention.

He has done this for decades and the
NewZealand sporting public
is worse off.

I feel sorry for the public, and sorry for our
Basketballers who don't get the attention they

I only hope that one the rest of the NewZealand
media will wake up to to his tactics.

I anit holding my breath.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phoenix Shirts to be Banned during Rugby World Cup?

It seems The Event Management act is going to be taken
very seriously by the folks at the NZRFU. If rumors on
the interweb are true, this act may stop the soccer
loving fans of Wellington wearing thier Phoenix shirts
in town.

Basically at the moment the act states there can be no viral
(Ambush)marketing during the RWC. For examples if Pespi is a
sponsor, and you are hanging out a Coca-Cola beach towel on
your washing line, RWC security officers (who have been given
special police powers for the duration of the tournament) have
the right to come on to your property and seize your property.

The RWC security officers will be workers from various security

This is scary, because if these officers see three
or four phoenix fans walking around town in their Phoenix
shirts, and they are within 3khm of a stadium, that Officer
has the right not to only to confiscate the shirts, but to
make a citizen arrest.

The NZRFU may deemed other code be in direct violation
of the act.

Now you would think, the NZRFU wouldn't go to that level,
but with whats been happening in the past few months in the
build up to next years cup, I think the rumors going around
are worth listening too.

This will lead to serious trouble, and might end
up embarrassing this country. I only hope if a
incident like this happens early on, the media
will be all over it.

I anit holding my breath though.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Commenwealth Games

Not only is the Basketball World Champs coming up,
but the commenwealth games is also coming up, a
sport event that has seem to lost its passion, but
lets hope India can bring it back.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is Tony Smith New Zealand's best Journo?

Here is snippets from his latest piece
from the Christchurch Press. press.

OPINION: Sorry netball fans but it's hard for the general
sporting public to get too excited about the Silver Ferns'
latest series against Jamaica.

Still essentially a Commonwealth sport, netball
has no profile in North America, Asia, South
America, Africa and Europe (outside the UK).

Jamaica are allegedly ranked third in the world
yet the Silver Ferns comfortably beat them by 23
goals in Christchurch this week after struggling
in the first quarter.

It's hard for a code with such strict restrictions on
court movement and a surfeit of whistleblowing to
make too many changes to its basic recipe.

Basketball has already arrived. Yet we've only been getting
snippets of the Tall Blacks' buildup to next weekend's
world championships in Turkey as opposed to live, primetime
free-to-air coverage of netball.

That's a massive disappointment given how the
Tall Blacks gripped the nation when they
finished fourth in the world championship
in Indianapolis in 2002 when captain Pero
Cameron made the all-star tournament team
starting five.

Their games in Turkey will be covered live on
Sky. But, unlike the All Whites, whose pre-World
Cup games were televised in full, the Tall
Blacks have so far slipped under the public's radar.

Basketball is second only to football
on the sporting stage in terms of global popularity.

One day, the New Zealand public and media
might wake up to the fact.

(His whole piece can be found at stuff.co.nz or the press.)

Daniel Tosh

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second Tier Tests for Blackcaps

As predicted by most fans and Journos, top
level test cricket will soon be over New Zealand.

As soon as the current ICC Test championship
is over, Test Cricket is rumored to be split
into two divisions. The top five nations and
the Rest and because of our lack of results
over the past 15 years, we must say goodbye
to the top tier.

No more Aussie, England or India for New Zealand.

Bring on Bangladesh though!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Holiday is Over

and its back to the old temp agency.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Anderson should start

Yes after just one performance in the opening
preseason game, coming on in the second half I
would start Anderson ahead of Leinart. Hows that for
a gut reaction.


Best NZ Player in either League or Union at the moment.

So did the Damn thing fall

Great Movie, seen it twice, will see it again, one question though.

Did the damn thing fall?

No More Politics

No More posts about politics.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garth Concert review

The show was about the music he grew up on, his music, and the music of his idols.

he started the show, saying he was born in 1962 and did the music of artists that his dad use to listen to. he sang some merle, and joked about all the songs were about times people spent in prison. he got on to the 70's and sang some Segar and James Taylor, or course during the 80's he sand some Strait and Randy Travis.

Of his own stuff, for me the highlight was when he sang a blues type version of his song Rodeo, other songs of his he sang was unanswered prayers, shameless, Friends in low places, the dance, that summer, and the dance, among others.

It was a real intimate performance, joking about his childhood, joking about his kids, and it also got real interesting when he described how he and his song writers how they write the songs they do and get their ideas.

Their was banter with the audience, friendly ribbing, all in all it was a real personal experience, Trisha came on and did walkaway Joe and in another eye's.

He ended with Piano man.

It was well worth the flight from New Zealand!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best Resort/Hotel ever

Mansfield was Great.

Holiday was Great.

Vegas was Great.

Garth was Great.

Everything was Great.