Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bye Bye Back in August

Well I leave for a wee trip in just over a week,
this will be my last blog post until Mid August.
Have fun, hopefully I will too.

Are you ready for the football?

Who will win
Who will cause an upset
Who will get thrashed
Who will do better than expected
Who will win the golden boot
Who will cover themselves in glory
Who will bring shame to their country
Who will cry
Who will laugh
Who will be sad
Who will be happy.

Time will tell.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thank you America

Thank you for all the support you have given the world.
Thank you for the aid you have given the world.
Thank you for all the advances in science and technology.
Thanks for all the advances in Medicine.
Thanks for having the friendlist people I met in my world travels.
Thanks for still helping countries, even though they may criticize you.
Thank you USA, because the world doesn't say that enough.

Loser of the Month

Is their anyone in New Zealand who is more clinically Ill
than Keith Locke, apart from his partner in crime, John Minto???

The disgust I feel for these two men, is beyond belief.

For decades, they have hidden behind the peace movement,
and used peace as an excuse to spew their hatred.

They are not about peace, they are about their idealogy.

The hatred they shown for the USA over the weekend, is sad,
they are using the tragic incident in the waters off of Gaza,
to vent against capitalism and to vent against the USA.

Believe they are not about peace, if they
were, they would march on 9/11 for the American
victims, they would march for the Israeli victims
of terrorism, but they never do.

They are the hypocrites of the worst kind.

Im ashamed New Zealand has produced people like Locke and
Minto, Im also happy that 99.9% of our country, dont share
their mindset, that would be scary.

Kiwis will never share Minto's and Locke's ideology,
because us kiwis know whats right, too bad Locke
and Minto havent figured this out.

Creed from The Office

IMHO Creed is one of the greatest TV Characters in
the medium's history. He may only get one or
two lines every second episode, but less is more with
Creed. He is up there with the greats in IMHO.

MY Top Ten.

10: Norm from Cheers
9: Kramer from Seinfeld
8: Denny Crane from Boston Legal
7: Chole from 24
6: Tbag from Prison break
5: Louie from Taxi.
4: Dr Romano from ER
3: Creed from the Office
2: David Brent from the Office.
1: George from Seinfeld.

Less than a week

To go the football world cup.

I'm still picking New Zealand to get a point.

I'm still picking the USA to have a great world cup.

I'm still picking England to do well.

I'm still getting excited.

What will happen?

Time will tell.