Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yippie Ki Yay There's going to be a 5th Movie

John McClane has a another adventure coming up, Bruce Willis said
there's one more Die Hard left him in, and fans won't have to wait
long it might be as soon as next year.

For over twenty years, the Die hard series has been the pinnacle
in action movies, all other movies in the genre have tried to
copy, some have came close but now have succeeded.

What makes Die Hard so good, is Bruce Willis, hes not the most
muscle bound action hero, hes not the most clever, he's not the
best looking, he doesn't always get the girl, but he is the
everyman, the one we can all identify with.

The action scenes are fast paced, and it doesn't take it
self too seriously. The oneliners from John McClane can
lightened up, a dark moment. The bad guys are not to over
the top, that is what makes this franchise work.

So come next year, a whole new generation of movie goers, will
be lining up to see what Die Hard as instore for us, as Rory Rogers
would say, Yippie Ki Yay.

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