Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yet another Smoking Gun for TVNZ

After several complaints from viewers, TVNZ released
a statement, saying the banter between Dallow and
Saville is spontaneous and not scripted.

Unfortunately this is very hard to believe, they both
stutter their lines at the end of the sport, waiting
for the other to finish, it hardly comes across as

But I guess viewers have to take their word for
it, despite how cheesy and cringe worthy it is.

This week though,in a smoking gun moment, viewers
were left with no doubt that the banter between
Dallow and Saville is indeed scripted.

After the last sports story of the night,
superbike rider Johnny Ray's accident, Saville
quickly announced, "Poor Old Johnny Ray"

Within a second, Dallow had not only made the connection
with that first line of the song "Come On Eileen" he said the
bands name "Dexy Midnight runners" proudly.

This was not possible, and cannot of been real banter
despite TVNZ stating that nothing is scripted and it's
just the friendly nature of TVNZ staffers.

No wonder people are turning to TV3 in droves.

Better news, better sports, more accurate weather, and
no watering down.

Something to think about huh, Ellis.

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