Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That would Hurt

If a can is thrown at you, it will hurt. Someone has forgot
to tell the New Zealand Government and the NZRFU.

During the RWC, and for the first time in decades, they are
going to allow Beer cans into the stadium, despite banning
everything else under the sun, no flags, no banners, no whistles
no fog horns, no noise makers, anything that you can throw and
hurt someone with, wont be allowed, except for beer cans.

You see, they say, people dont want to drink out of paper
or plastic cups, so that is why they are allowing the
beer cans.

Of course soda cans are still banned, non alcoholic cans are
still banned.

Who is running this country? The Beer Companies? The Rugby
Union, and its going to get worse, I don't think people
know how far reaching the event management act goes.

Come 2011, this so called world cup,(cant really be called
a world cup, if only a handful of countries play it)
might turn ugly. Is this the face we want to show
a handful of countries, for the sake of drinking beer
out of a can and not a cup?

Time will tell.

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