Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh my Gravy! (this post has spoilers about the Amazing race)

In the 16 year history of the amazing race, no team has been more
liked, than this year's runners up, Jet and Cord, aka The Cowboys.

They have done themselves and their family and their country proud.
Not once did they argue with each other, or try and put other teams
down, not once did they run a dirty race, they were always friendly to
the locals and their customs, and always respected
the different cultures they came across.

The catch cry of "oh My Gravy" has now taken off, and this team will
forever be known for this. These two brothers are now spending time
raising money for cancer research thru their pro bull riding circuit.

If you ever want to teach kids how to behave and how to treat
others, just show them a DVD of this series.

Even in the final leg, the two cowboys showed their good
nature, when they just starting top gently ribbed
the eventual winners, the gay brothers,
after the brothers sneaked ahead of them.

At the end of the race, they showed class and respect to all the
teams, unlike Brandy and Carol who were just downright bullies to

So congrats to Dan and Jordon for winning,and a heartfelt
thankyou to Jet and Cord for showing the race, niceness.

Well Done.

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