Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miley Cyrus: and the media's Double Standard

Once again the media has shown it's double standard
on what should of been a non issue.

A 30 second video clip of Miley at a rap party for a movie she
did last year has appeared on youtube.

The clip has her dancing away, and then just joking pretending to
give a lap dance to man.

The family focus groups went nuts, the media went nuts, the
bloggers went nuts, feminist groups went nuts, they were shocked
her parents were ripped into by Fox News and the actual media.

Yet,when you look into it, it wasnt that bad, the guy was a
friend of the family, he was the films producer, he was gay
(not that it matters) there was nothing offensive about it.

That didnt stop all the media sites going crazy.

Its a huge double standard by the media, because while they
are ripping into Miley's parents, they have nothing but
praise for Kelly Osbourne's parents.

During the run of the Osbourne. they were called the
most in touch parents of the 21st century, the media
the public and the fans thought they were great.

They allowed a 15 year old Kelly to go to Hollywood parties
drink alcohol, experiment with drugs and hang out the 30 year
old men.

Where was the criticisms for the Osbourne's?

There was none, the same people who are ripping into
the Cyrus's were clapping like trained circus seals
at everything the Osbourne's did.

I guess the Cyrus's are an easy target, but Im guessing
in ten years time, what child is more likely to be in
and out of rehab, and it wont be Miley.

So who are the better parents?

Time will tell.

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