Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Tragic Death

Yet another tragic death in Christchurch, caused by a boy racer.

A woman and her two children were walking on the footpath with
her two sons aged four and six.

According to witnesses, a boy race started to do drifts in
peak hour traffic and in wet conditions, he lost control
of his modified car, went up on the footpath and struck
both boys. The four year old died at the scene and the
six year old is in a serious condition in hospital.

What can one say? Its heart wrenching and thoughts have to
go out to the family.

How stupid are these boyracers, or perhaps a better word
would be selfish.

According to media reports, this 18 year old kid,
had been driving a modified car.

He decided to do drifts in rush hour traffic,
lost control of his car, went on the footpath
and killed a kid.

For some reason, people are trying to justify giving
sympathy to this 18 year old kid. Heck you wouldnt
give sympathy to a drunk driver, though.

This is worse, he was aware of his actions, he went out
that night with the attention of doing drifts and driving
around recklessly and now a child is dead.

Already people on blogs are trying to spin it
in this 18th year olds favour, saying it was raining
and it was getting dark, and it was the conditions
and not the actions of this 18 year old that caused
the accident.

That is BS, witnesses has said he was doing drifts.

You can bet, that his family will play it up in
the media, what a great guy he is.

Well I'm sorry boy racers, you aren't great guys,great
guy wouldn't speed down the street do drifts, throw
bottles at people, scream out obscenities at the police
and put people's life at risk.

Sure you may think your hard, you may think it's funny,
you may think just because you have a car with modified bits
and pieces, and a loud exhaust that your a cool guy, well
a child is dead, a family is ruined forever, and Im guessing
not one of you will stop and think about what has happened.

In fact I'm guessing all you would care about is how this
effects you.

I have no problem with people having a hobby that they
love, personally I didn't want to spend my teens and my 20's
standing in the gutter of Moorhouse ave, throwing bottles,
giving people the finger, spilling oil over carparks, I wanted
to travel and see the world and go places, but that is just me.

My problem is, your hobby is annoying and inconsiderate to
other people around you, and it puts others at risk.

So there is no point in trying to have a discussion with
people like you, I just wished certain politicians and
people in the media, stop trying to promote you guys as
something special and maybe focus on the victims for once.

I'm sure though members of the Green Party, former Mayor
of CHCH, Gary Moore (who has always been pro boy racer)
will still be against car crushing for boy racer cars.

Well guess what, a child is dead. We need a zero tolerance
policy, before it happens again.

Lets hope we get one soon.


(according to the news tonight, Police are still
investigating, but are now thinking it was driver error,
although witnesses are saying he was drifting)

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