Monday, May 31, 2010

New Zealand's Greatest Ever sporting Victories

In the weekend, New Zealand had one of its greatest
sporting victories ever, when we beat Serbia 1-0 in
a football match. Serbia who are ranked 15th in
football, couldnt match the skill of New Zealand who
are ranked 78th.

It got me thinking, what are the greatest sporting
victories New Zealand and its sport people has ever had.

IMHO, its the following.

1: The New Zealand mens basketball team, making the semi finals of
the world basketball champs in 2002, we werent even suppose to
qualify for the tournament, yet we made the semis. The most
amazing game of basketball I have seen in my life, was when
we played China and we made Yao Ming looked like a amateur.
This had to be the most special time ever in NewZealand sport.

2: New Zealand making the football cup in 1982 for the first time.
We were a team of amateurs, yet we shocked the world making the
cup which only included 24 teams at the time. We also broke
a ton of records along the way. At the world cup itself we even
scored two goals.

3: New Zealand beating Serbia 1-0, how can a team ranked 78th in
the world beat a team 15th. Thru heart, thats how, we probably
played the greatest game of football, any New Zealand team has
played and it lead to a riot by Serbia fans, Smeltz's goal will
surly go down as the greatest New Zealand goal ever.

4: New Zealand making the 2010 world cup. Its been a 28 year
drought but we did it, we played a team of multi millionaires,
who were funded by a Billionaire Prince, which lead to Fallon
and Paston becoming household names in New Zealand forever.

5: 2004 Olympics, New Zealand faced the world champs in
basketball, and won. Serbia and Montenegro couldn't match
our shooting and defense in the last quarter as we came from
behind to win. Bookies wouldnt even take a bet on the game
before the match. Once again our basketballers shocked the

Lets hope there are many other great kiwi moments to come
in the future.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42 from a Brain Hemorrhage.

He had health problems all his life due to a rare kidney condition.

Gary was best known for his role in different strokes.

As little kid, Different Strokes was one of my favorite progammes,
heck I wanted to be Arnold Jackson, he was the coolest kid on TV

Here's hoping his fans will remembered him for that role.

May he rest in Peace.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatchoo talkin 'bout

Gary in better times.

Here's hoping for a full recovery.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friendly, Aussie you dont know the meaning of the word

This is how Aussie reacts going a goal down.
They try to in jury players. The friendly
warm up match between New Zealand and Australia
was suppose to be a game that both teams can get
game time before June's world cup.

It turn into a blood bath, while New Zealand played honest and proud,
Australia used cheap dirty tactics. New Zealand who are ranked, 78th
in the world, played hard and fair, and were gutted when Australia
who are ranked 20th, got a last second winner.

Still it New Zealand who played like winners, and Aussie who played
like thugs. Lets hope in the world cup, karma will play a big

Time will tell.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Tragic Death

Yet another tragic death in Christchurch, caused by a boy racer.

A woman and her two children were walking on the footpath with
her two sons aged four and six.

According to witnesses, a boy race started to do drifts in
peak hour traffic and in wet conditions, he lost control
of his modified car, went up on the footpath and struck
both boys. The four year old died at the scene and the
six year old is in a serious condition in hospital.

What can one say? Its heart wrenching and thoughts have to
go out to the family.

How stupid are these boyracers, or perhaps a better word
would be selfish.

According to media reports, this 18 year old kid,
had been driving a modified car.

He decided to do drifts in rush hour traffic,
lost control of his car, went on the footpath
and killed a kid.

For some reason, people are trying to justify giving
sympathy to this 18 year old kid. Heck you wouldnt
give sympathy to a drunk driver, though.

This is worse, he was aware of his actions, he went out
that night with the attention of doing drifts and driving
around recklessly and now a child is dead.

Already people on blogs are trying to spin it
in this 18th year olds favour, saying it was raining
and it was getting dark, and it was the conditions
and not the actions of this 18 year old that caused
the accident.

That is BS, witnesses has said he was doing drifts.

You can bet, that his family will play it up in
the media, what a great guy he is.

Well I'm sorry boy racers, you aren't great guys,great
guy wouldn't speed down the street do drifts, throw
bottles at people, scream out obscenities at the police
and put people's life at risk.

Sure you may think your hard, you may think it's funny,
you may think just because you have a car with modified bits
and pieces, and a loud exhaust that your a cool guy, well
a child is dead, a family is ruined forever, and Im guessing
not one of you will stop and think about what has happened.

In fact I'm guessing all you would care about is how this
effects you.

I have no problem with people having a hobby that they
love, personally I didn't want to spend my teens and my 20's
standing in the gutter of Moorhouse ave, throwing bottles,
giving people the finger, spilling oil over carparks, I wanted
to travel and see the world and go places, but that is just me.

My problem is, your hobby is annoying and inconsiderate to
other people around you, and it puts others at risk.

So there is no point in trying to have a discussion with
people like you, I just wished certain politicians and
people in the media, stop trying to promote you guys as
something special and maybe focus on the victims for once.

I'm sure though members of the Green Party, former Mayor
of CHCH, Gary Moore (who has always been pro boy racer)
will still be against car crushing for boy racer cars.

Well guess what, a child is dead. We need a zero tolerance
policy, before it happens again.

Lets hope we get one soon.


(according to the news tonight, Police are still
investigating, but are now thinking it was driver error,
although witnesses are saying he was drifting)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nike's World Cup AD

Very cool.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Budget for the People (Finally)

Finally here in New Zealand we have a budget for the people.

For too long, under DR Cullen we were told that he knew best
and not to question his choices. Any reporter who dare asked
a question about why there wasnt a tax cut, was meet with
the child like response of "So What"

Now we have a real finance minister who knows that it's the
people who work who deserve a break, the people putting in
an extra effort, but he also understands there are kiwis
that are struggling, and they will need help, thats why
there has been an increase in health and education spending.

Those trying to cheat the tax man have had thier loopholes
closed, so overall its a good budget. Most people are
giving it seven out of ten.

The only people who dont like are the wacko posters at
the extreme left wing site the standard, and extreme
right wing people, for different reasons of course.

Hopefully this budget will do good for NewZealand.

Time will tell.

Olympic Mascots for 2012

No, I'm not joking, these two guys are the mascots for 2012 Olympic
games. This is what the marketing company that was hired by London
2012 Olympic committee came up with.

Apparently they are trying to aim the marketing at kids, and kids
love aliens and bright colours. They are called Mandeville and Wenlock.
They love comic books and computer games, there job is to be, well
make people smile, we will be seeing a lot these two guys on our tv
screens over the next couple of years.

I cant wait for the simpsons, south park, family guy, take on
all this.

Roll on 2012.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$80 Million Reasons to Like Garth

His charity Teammates for Kids has now raised over $80 Million
dollars for Children worldwide.

The charity has just one rule, every cent must go to the

Hes almost raised as much money as he has sold albums, and
that anit no mean feat.

Well done to Garth.

Six Months and Six Hours to Go

To the Deathly Hallows Part One is released worldwide at time of
writing this blog piece.

Midnight November 19th New Zealand time.

This has to be the most anticipated movie of the year.

They are going to want to give this series the ending it
deserves and they are going to want Part two released in July
2011, a part one it deserves.

So what am I expecting, well the movie to stay true to the
book, more indepth scenes and a feeling that you are watching
a true masterpiece.

The actors, who have spent so much of their young lives on
this thing, will expect nothing less than perfection.

The fans are at a fever pitch, they simply cannot wait.

Neither can I.

How to cut Teen drinking by 50%

The focus should be on adults and not the teens.

You can bet your bottom dollar, those same teenagers that
were crying at their friend's funeral, will the following
week be at another party and instead of shouting "Stop, Stop
Stop" they will be chanting "Chug, Chug, Chug"

So how do you stop teenagers drinking themselves to death.

Well you cant, but you make it harder for them.

First off, if any teenager dies from over drinking the
adult who supplied them the booze should be arrested
for manslaughter.

Secondly any venue that allows underage drinking, has
to be closed down immediately.

Thirdly have a quiet word, with some sports stars, and tell
them it's not that funny or we aren't impressed that you
can make jokes about how drunk you get.

Fourth, don't try to make booze glamorous like the smoking
companies did with cigarettes in the 70's.

Fifth, Education.

Every country has a booze culture, but it seems we here in
New Zealand its the main part of our culture, which goes
along way to explain, our high youth suicide rate, high
teen pregnancy rate and youth crime rate.

You wont rid yourself of teen drinking, but you can
cut the rates of it.

Here's hoping politicians will do the right thing.

Time will tell.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kick Ass (NSFW) Trailer

I'm yet to see this movie, but I will see it on

I first saw the original trailer that aired on TV, and thought
that would be a fun movie, then when it came out, I found
the censor had given this thing an R18.

All heck broke loose on the internet, you see this movie had
a bunch of normal people being superhero's including a 11 year
old girl who shot bad guys in the head, cut off their legs with
a sword and kills a number of bad guy, along with her father who
is played by the great Nicolas Cage.

So I thought, people aren't going to like that, a kid in
a real violent movie, but oh no, the fuss wasn't about the
violence at all, that was okay, all the fuss is that the
kid actress uses naughty language.

All these parent groups, family groups, were more concerned
with a couple of swears she says.

I'm quite stunned by this, I'm pretty sure in real life she
hears worse at school.

So why all the fuss over bad language?

It seems violence is okay, but language isn't.

Here's hoping the false hysteria will die down, and
the sequel would be given a fairer chance.

Time will tell.

Miley Cyrus: and the media's Double Standard

Once again the media has shown it's double standard
on what should of been a non issue.

A 30 second video clip of Miley at a rap party for a movie she
did last year has appeared on youtube.

The clip has her dancing away, and then just joking pretending to
give a lap dance to man.

The family focus groups went nuts, the media went nuts, the
bloggers went nuts, feminist groups went nuts, they were shocked
her parents were ripped into by Fox News and the actual media.

Yet,when you look into it, it wasnt that bad, the guy was a
friend of the family, he was the films producer, he was gay
(not that it matters) there was nothing offensive about it.

That didnt stop all the media sites going crazy.

Its a huge double standard by the media, because while they
are ripping into Miley's parents, they have nothing but
praise for Kelly Osbourne's parents.

During the run of the Osbourne. they were called the
most in touch parents of the 21st century, the media
the public and the fans thought they were great.

They allowed a 15 year old Kelly to go to Hollywood parties
drink alcohol, experiment with drugs and hang out the 30 year
old men.

Where was the criticisms for the Osbourne's?

There was none, the same people who are ripping into
the Cyrus's were clapping like trained circus seals
at everything the Osbourne's did.

I guess the Cyrus's are an easy target, but Im guessing
in ten years time, what child is more likely to be in
and out of rehab, and it wont be Miley.

So who are the better parents?

Time will tell.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yet another Smoking Gun for TVNZ

After several complaints from viewers, TVNZ released
a statement, saying the banter between Dallow and
Saville is spontaneous and not scripted.

Unfortunately this is very hard to believe, they both
stutter their lines at the end of the sport, waiting
for the other to finish, it hardly comes across as

But I guess viewers have to take their word for
it, despite how cheesy and cringe worthy it is.

This week though,in a smoking gun moment, viewers
were left with no doubt that the banter between
Dallow and Saville is indeed scripted.

After the last sports story of the night,
superbike rider Johnny Ray's accident, Saville
quickly announced, "Poor Old Johnny Ray"

Within a second, Dallow had not only made the connection
with that first line of the song "Come On Eileen" he said the
bands name "Dexy Midnight runners" proudly.

This was not possible, and cannot of been real banter
despite TVNZ stating that nothing is scripted and it's
just the friendly nature of TVNZ staffers.

No wonder people are turning to TV3 in droves.

Better news, better sports, more accurate weather, and
no watering down.

Something to think about huh, Ellis.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can we get a point?

Can we get a point? Can the all whites do it? Can we go against
all expectations and get a draw in one of our group games?

In four weeks time, the world's biggest sporting event kicks off.

No other sporting event can touch it.

Who would of thought it, that little New Zealand will be there.
The bookies are saying we will be thrashed in every match.
Most of them saying we wont even score a goal in our three
matches, I beg to differ.

Although I don't see us winning a game, I believe we will
score goals, I believe we wont concede to many, I believe
we will hold our own.

We have a class defender in Ryan Nelson, we have players
who are playing on all four corners of the globe for
their club sides, we will show, that we belong on sports
biggest stage.

My predictions for the cup are.

New Zealand to sneak a draw in its opening match.
Australia to be knocked out in the group stage.
Brazil to be knocked out early.
USA to suprise and progress nicely thru the later stages.
Argentina to play attacking football and do well.
Spain/France/Italy to have a poor world cup.
England to win it all.

Time will tell.

That would Hurt

If a can is thrown at you, it will hurt. Someone has forgot
to tell the New Zealand Government and the NZRFU.

During the RWC, and for the first time in decades, they are
going to allow Beer cans into the stadium, despite banning
everything else under the sun, no flags, no banners, no whistles
no fog horns, no noise makers, anything that you can throw and
hurt someone with, wont be allowed, except for beer cans.

You see, they say, people dont want to drink out of paper
or plastic cups, so that is why they are allowing the
beer cans.

Of course soda cans are still banned, non alcoholic cans are
still banned.

Who is running this country? The Beer Companies? The Rugby
Union, and its going to get worse, I don't think people
know how far reaching the event management act goes.

Come 2011, this so called world cup,(cant really be called
a world cup, if only a handful of countries play it)
might turn ugly. Is this the face we want to show
a handful of countries, for the sake of drinking beer
out of a can and not a cup?

Time will tell.

Oh my Gravy! (this post has spoilers about the Amazing race)

In the 16 year history of the amazing race, no team has been more
liked, than this year's runners up, Jet and Cord, aka The Cowboys.

They have done themselves and their family and their country proud.
Not once did they argue with each other, or try and put other teams
down, not once did they run a dirty race, they were always friendly to
the locals and their customs, and always respected
the different cultures they came across.

The catch cry of "oh My Gravy" has now taken off, and this team will
forever be known for this. These two brothers are now spending time
raising money for cancer research thru their pro bull riding circuit.

If you ever want to teach kids how to behave and how to treat
others, just show them a DVD of this series.

Even in the final leg, the two cowboys showed their good
nature, when they just starting top gently ribbed
the eventual winners, the gay brothers,
after the brothers sneaked ahead of them.

At the end of the race, they showed class and respect to all the
teams, unlike Brandy and Carol who were just downright bullies to

So congrats to Dan and Jordon for winning,and a heartfelt
thankyou to Jet and Cord for showing the race, niceness.

Well Done.

Yippie Ki Yay There's going to be a 5th Movie

John McClane has a another adventure coming up, Bruce Willis said
there's one more Die Hard left him in, and fans won't have to wait
long it might be as soon as next year.

For over twenty years, the Die hard series has been the pinnacle
in action movies, all other movies in the genre have tried to
copy, some have came close but now have succeeded.

What makes Die Hard so good, is Bruce Willis, hes not the most
muscle bound action hero, hes not the most clever, he's not the
best looking, he doesn't always get the girl, but he is the
everyman, the one we can all identify with.

The action scenes are fast paced, and it doesn't take it
self too seriously. The oneliners from John McClane can
lightened up, a dark moment. The bad guys are not to over
the top, that is what makes this franchise work.

So come next year, a whole new generation of movie goers, will
be lining up to see what Die Hard as instore for us, as Rory Rogers
would say, Yippie Ki Yay.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hawkings "Time Travel works"

According to the most intermittent man on earth, Time travel works.

You need more than a cool Italian car and some gigawatts though.

What it will take is a huge spaceship, plenty of fuel
and a rather large rocket and you will need to find
a way to make the worm holes in space much larger, and
you will need to travel pretty fast, but it's feasible.

McFly and Doc were right, so suck on that Bif, who's the butthead

So maybe not in my lifetime, but soon, we will be
travelling to the future if it was up to me, I would
travel to the time when those hoverboards are

Time will tell.

Man Tasered at baseball game

I guess this is one way to stop pitch invasions.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Carrey is not crazy

Carrey is not crazy, he may want people to think he is slightly
crazy, but he also wants to lash out at people who think he is crazy.

He has basically been writing trash on social networks and then
when the media bites he can lash out and explain himself.

This is not the work of a crazy man, this is the work of man
who's career is not quite where he wants it to be, and has
long past it's peak.

You see if he was really crazy, he wouldn't have signed up for a
Twitter account like Justin Beiber and Britney Spears, he wouldn't
have released press statements, he would just be, well crazy.

So Jim, it's a nice try, but if you want to be on high
again, it will take a string of some pretty decent movies,
and not just thought up rantings by your writers.

Nice try at viral marketing though.