Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Idiots

Meet the biggest idiots in sport.

No bunch of sports fans are more stupid than the storm, not even the
Wellington Saints.

What type of fan, would take the moral highground, and make
out their team lying as victims and hero's.

They aren't real fans, a real fan, wouldn't stand there and
scream out that they will support their team until the
die they die.

A real fan wouldnt start singing his team songs and give
their players a standing ovation after what this club did.

The Storm players, the Storm Coaches, The management, screwed
the fans, screwed their sport, they lied, they cheated, they
committed fraud, and worst of all they tried to play the
part of the good guy, and they insulted every human being,
when they played dumb.

You cannot tell me, that you thought all these luxury items
that showed up at your house were above board, for cripes sake
the players were giving free boats!!!!

Here is what a real fan would of done, they would of shown up, and
not clapped, they wouldn't made any noise in protest.

The banners real fans would of taken, would of told the players
of the hurt and disgust they feel for them.

That is what real fans would of done, Melbourne doesnt have feel fans

Shame on this club, they deserve no sympathy.

Lets hope the guilty parties will be found guilty.

Time will tell.

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