Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Zealand Cricket Team Take Note

The man in the picture above in Ryan Nelson.

He plays in English Premier League.

he is a Professional sportsperson.

His off field work doesn't consist of two
two hour training sessions a week and five
drinking sessions a week.

In an interview with the Herald here is what he
had to said about his his work load.

"We have six full-time guys working on sports
science for us and the reserves at Blackburn.
That covers everything from nutrition, to GPS,
to heart rate, hydration ... you get a print out
once you've done your day's work to tell
you how many metres you've done, what the body
load effect is, how tired your body should be,
hydration levels, what protein you need to

In training you wear a watch or a vest with a little
chip in it for the GPS. In matches there are about 15
cameras around the stadium tracking the high-intensity
running, jogging, passing ... every little second
on the field is analysed. There is no place to
hide. We get break downs on individual opponents
as well but that can get a bit repetitive - a lot
of the time you just get quick points on the main
things to look for."

IMHO that is what proffesional sports players do.

Something to think about, isn't Oram, Mills and Vettori,

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