Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is Karl Pilkington in New Zealand?

Is this man stuck in New Zealand for a long time?

Due to a Volcano erupting in Iceland, we have a lot of stranded
passengers at our airports who have to stay here about a week
longer than they first hoped.

Our news crews interviewed several people at the airport, one
guy they interviewed was the splitting image of Karl Pilkington,
pictured above.

They didn't name the man who was interviewed, but not only did
he look 100% like Karl, but he spoke 100% like Karl, so was he
Karl Pilkington??

Surly some Journalist would of known this?, then again, George
Strait took his family on holiday here in 2000 and no media
group reported it in New Zealand, despite it making the news
back in his own country.

I'm totally against the whole reality TV celeb culture and who
is doing what to who, but if your going to interview someone,
surly you must know the person that you are interviewing is
known to the public.

With TVNZ, Obviously not.

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pmd1138 said...

Yes. He was in Queenstown I heard in the pub in Auckland last night.