Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Well Deserved Oscar Win!

Congrats to Sandra on her Oscar win. Extremely well deserved.

Sandra seems to be an easy target, especially for stuff bloggers
and stuff readers, who are leaving messages that the Oscars have
lost all credibility giving Sandra the Oscar.

I'm guessing those leaving comments, haven't seen her performance
and are also trying to appear arty by dissing her. She's an easy
target for them, so it doesn't take much time to think to do

Ive been a fan of her ever since Speed, and her work relationship
with my favorite artist, Garth Brooks.

The pair meet when Garth visited the set of Hope Floats in the
late 1990's, he did that movie's central song.

Sandra has since been working off and on with Garth, since 2002
developing the Movie Sprinkler Queen. That project has been
off and on again for a few years,it now seems to be
back on, Sandra recently attended one of Garth's one
man show's at the Wynn and a release date of 2012 is being
talked about.

The Movie will be produced by Garth's Red Strokes Company, with
Garth as Executive Producer and Frank Oz will direct.

With that type of star power, the movie cannot fail.

Time will tell.

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