Friday, March 19, 2010

Practice Win Matches

There is an old saying in cricket, that "Catches win Matches"

I think this needs to be changed to "Practice win Matches"

Once again, the New Zealand cricket team, The Blackcaps, have
shown that they don't know how to practice, they don't know how
to catch, and they don't know how to win.

You see the person pictured above has probably just cost us
any chance of beating Australia, because he couldn't take a
catch that most, beach cricketers would of taken.

So how come, a professional sportsperson for their country
can keep making mistakes?

Practice! and the lack of it.

This New Zealand team would rather go out boozing, and not
turn up for training than win. What sports team has Optional
training sessions??? Not winning ones that is for sure.

The public on various sports forums may think it's okay to
have drinking sessions before a big match, but the truth is
if your going to do that, your going to end up losing.

It's now 2010 and the New Zealand cricket team still
haven't learned how to do the basics.

The only way you learn is by practice, it's not that
hard to figure out, I just wish someone would tell
Daryl Tuffy.

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