Monday, March 15, 2010

Peter Green is Corrupt

There is only one word for it. Corrupt.

Peter Green has to be corrupt. Those who witness the
Wellington Phoenix, beating cheated out a sport in the
final of the A League, must of been shell shocked
afterwards with what Peter Green said to
the Phoenix Players.

It was bad enough that the Ref, missed offsides, and diving by
the Sydney team. It was bad enough that he called nearly every
legal tackle, illegal by the Phoenix, it was bad enough that
the Sydney goal was allowed to stand, but he has now been caught
out lying about it, and that goes beyond a normal Refs mistake.

When Sydney player Payne punched the ball into the
net, both linesmen said they didnt see it. Phoenix
player went up to Peter Green who told him, "I missed it"

Then at Halftime, Durante went up to him again and this time
the Ref said it was "Ball to Hand"

How can he know if he didn't see it? It must of
taken him 15 minutes to come up with an excuse.

For myself this is a smoking gun, its one thing to misread
a handball, its one thing to not see what happened
on the field when everybody else did. But to change
your story like that, proves that you are making
it up, and that you are a cheat and IMHO it must mean that
you are corrupt.

I hope FIFA launches a full investigation into Peter Green.

I ani't holding my breath though.

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