Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not a doubt in my mind

Yesterday I wrote, that some conspiracy bloggers are saying stuff's,
blog idol is rigged, and the blogger calling himself "Captain Awesome"
will win it, and that all the voting is just PR BS.

Well the Opinion editor must of stuff, address these
concerns, online and in an email, saying there are several
factors, the number of comments left, the traffic,
the votes on the daily poll and stuff's current blogger's

Now for one of the first time in my life, im going with
the conspiracy theorists. You see the blogger "CA" was far
down in the votes, he also had the least amount of comments, also
comments written on his blog seem to be from his family and
friends, and were all the same "Your the best".

I persume his traffic was the same, but hey he didnt
get eliminated.

That shows me, that stuff's already has this thing decided.

Which is a shame, because some of the contestants were
really really good.

But they made up their mind, and "CA" will win this thing.

Too bad this was always going to be the case, according to
several bloggers on the net.

A while ago, I wrote, saying I refuse to go stuff as long as
their version of Glenn Beck, Simon "Im not a Journo, its just my
Opinion" Sweetman will continue to write factually incorrect

Well this time, I might actually have to do what I said.

I believe in fairness, it doesn't seem that stuff's website does.

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