Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let her go to the Prom

A Lesbian student has been told she wasn't allowed to take her
girlfriend to the Prom, when this story hit the media, the school
decided to cancel the Prom.

Who made the decsion to stop her taking her girlfriend to
the prom ?

Someone must of said in that meeting,

"Right, students have to wear formal clothes, no booze or
drugs allowed, students should show up at 8pm, we
need ribbons and ballons, a decent band, OH and and
no gay students allow"

How pathetic of these adults and by cancelling the
prom, they knew the student hate would be on this student.

Who the heck is homophobic in 2010 anyway?

What type of loser would have a problem with a same sex
couple at a school dance?

Personally I think the person on the school board is
clinically ill to do this.

Lets hope public pressure will make the school put the
prom back on and let students take who they want.

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