Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is's blog idol rigged???

This conspiracy theory is going around the internet.'s web page is running a blog idol, when contestants
write a piece and then get voted off, each day. Well judging by
how's the voting been going (the poll page) and what happened
last night, a conspiracy theory is out there and people are
saying it's rigged.

The winner of this blog idol would probably end up
being the worst of the lot and that is the blogger calling
themselves "Captain Awesome"

Late last night, Mr CA was far behind in the votes on the poll page,
yet I see he is still alive.

Yes there are number of factors, comments and traffic hits also

But there seems to be a few errors with the timeline of
who's been voted off. Unless there was a a massive amount
of voting in the last few minutes, I cannot see how CA
who was far behind managed to stay alive.

The traffic shouldn't mean much because most people will
go to all the blogs.

The theorists guess is that it is rigged, because
CA is the type of blogger, fairfax likes, so they want him in.

Still it's just a crazy conspiracy theory, and without
proof it would be nuts to take it seriously.

The Opinion editor of has now commented on
this theory, over at stuff's webpage, saying the top
four were always going to blog over two days and several
factors are taken it.

So I'm guessing its a concern to those at fairfax that people
are bringing it up.

I guess time will tell.

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