Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is Kane the answer?

Is this the man who is the answer to the New Zealand cricket
teams problem.

A man who can bat long innings, a bat who can score at a decent
rate and score big centuries.

Surly this series was an eye opener, he may be young, but start
him young so he learn, when you want to be the best, you have
to play against the best.

Here's hoping that Kane Williamson will be the name on the
selectors lips for years to come, we need him, we need him

Time will tell.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Never a truer word spoken.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All Went Well So Far

Well all went well for me at the dentist, having a tooth pull,
although the gauze's are pretty bloody and it hurts like heck when
i take the gauze out, but hopefully in a couple of days I will be
good as news, heck my dentist looks amazing for a man who has reached

Monday, March 22, 2010

Off to the Dentist

I sure hope he is a bit better than old Steve Martin.

I will make sure to tell him, I have a low threshold of pain.

Or perhaps I shall act like Homer Simpson in that classic
Simpson scene, our view is from the waiting room, and a
little boy can hear Homer screaming out in pain, his mother
tells him "that Man is getting special work done, hes not here
for a regular check up"

You then hear Homer scream out, "I'm not getting any special
work, this is just a regular check up"

Only two days to go.

Michael Clarke your a winner

Congrats to Michael Clarke, your a true winner and sportsperson.

You have handle yourself with grace and dignity and you have also
performed well on the field.

Your century was magnificent, it doesn't matter what country you
are from, if your a cricket lover, or sports lover you have to
love what you did in Wellington over the weekend.

You deserve ther man of the match award for your performance.

IMHO it was the innings of the 21st century.

Well done!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Practice Win Matches

There is an old saying in cricket, that "Catches win Matches"

I think this needs to be changed to "Practice win Matches"

Once again, the New Zealand cricket team, The Blackcaps, have
shown that they don't know how to practice, they don't know how
to catch, and they don't know how to win.

You see the person pictured above has probably just cost us
any chance of beating Australia, because he couldn't take a
catch that most, beach cricketers would of taken.

So how come, a professional sportsperson for their country
can keep making mistakes?

Practice! and the lack of it.

This New Zealand team would rather go out boozing, and not
turn up for training than win. What sports team has Optional
training sessions??? Not winning ones that is for sure.

The public on various sports forums may think it's okay to
have drinking sessions before a big match, but the truth is
if your going to do that, your going to end up losing.

It's now 2010 and the New Zealand cricket team still
haven't learned how to do the basics.

The only way you learn is by practice, it's not that
hard to figure out, I just wish someone would tell
Daryl Tuffy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not a doubt in my mind

Yesterday I wrote, that some conspiracy bloggers are saying stuff's,
blog idol is rigged, and the blogger calling himself "Captain Awesome"
will win it, and that all the voting is just PR BS.

Well the Opinion editor must of stuff, address these
concerns, online and in an email, saying there are several
factors, the number of comments left, the traffic,
the votes on the daily poll and stuff's current blogger's

Now for one of the first time in my life, im going with
the conspiracy theorists. You see the blogger "CA" was far
down in the votes, he also had the least amount of comments, also
comments written on his blog seem to be from his family and
friends, and were all the same "Your the best".

I persume his traffic was the same, but hey he didnt
get eliminated.

That shows me, that stuff's already has this thing decided.

Which is a shame, because some of the contestants were
really really good.

But they made up their mind, and "CA" will win this thing.

Too bad this was always going to be the case, according to
several bloggers on the net.

A while ago, I wrote, saying I refuse to go stuff as long as
their version of Glenn Beck, Simon "Im not a Journo, its just my
Opinion" Sweetman will continue to write factually incorrect

Well this time, I might actually have to do what I said.

I believe in fairness, it doesn't seem that stuff's website does.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is's blog idol rigged???

This conspiracy theory is going around the internet.'s web page is running a blog idol, when contestants
write a piece and then get voted off, each day. Well judging by
how's the voting been going (the poll page) and what happened
last night, a conspiracy theory is out there and people are
saying it's rigged.

The winner of this blog idol would probably end up
being the worst of the lot and that is the blogger calling
themselves "Captain Awesome"

Late last night, Mr CA was far behind in the votes on the poll page,
yet I see he is still alive.

Yes there are number of factors, comments and traffic hits also

But there seems to be a few errors with the timeline of
who's been voted off. Unless there was a a massive amount
of voting in the last few minutes, I cannot see how CA
who was far behind managed to stay alive.

The traffic shouldn't mean much because most people will
go to all the blogs.

The theorists guess is that it is rigged, because
CA is the type of blogger, fairfax likes, so they want him in.

Still it's just a crazy conspiracy theory, and without
proof it would be nuts to take it seriously.

The Opinion editor of has now commented on
this theory, over at stuff's webpage, saying the top
four were always going to blog over two days and several
factors are taken it.

So I'm guessing its a concern to those at fairfax that people
are bringing it up.

I guess time will tell.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peter Green is Corrupt

There is only one word for it. Corrupt.

Peter Green has to be corrupt. Those who witness the
Wellington Phoenix, beating cheated out a sport in the
final of the A League, must of been shell shocked
afterwards with what Peter Green said to
the Phoenix Players.

It was bad enough that the Ref, missed offsides, and diving by
the Sydney team. It was bad enough that he called nearly every
legal tackle, illegal by the Phoenix, it was bad enough that
the Sydney goal was allowed to stand, but he has now been caught
out lying about it, and that goes beyond a normal Refs mistake.

When Sydney player Payne punched the ball into the
net, both linesmen said they didnt see it. Phoenix
player went up to Peter Green who told him, "I missed it"

Then at Halftime, Durante went up to him again and this time
the Ref said it was "Ball to Hand"

How can he know if he didn't see it? It must of
taken him 15 minutes to come up with an excuse.

For myself this is a smoking gun, its one thing to misread
a handball, its one thing to not see what happened
on the field when everybody else did. But to change
your story like that, proves that you are making
it up, and that you are a cheat and IMHO it must mean that
you are corrupt.

I hope FIFA launches a full investigation into Peter Green.

I ani't holding my breath though.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let her go to the Prom

A Lesbian student has been told she wasn't allowed to take her
girlfriend to the Prom, when this story hit the media, the school
decided to cancel the Prom.

Who made the decsion to stop her taking her girlfriend to
the prom ?

Someone must of said in that meeting,

"Right, students have to wear formal clothes, no booze or
drugs allowed, students should show up at 8pm, we
need ribbons and ballons, a decent band, OH and and
no gay students allow"

How pathetic of these adults and by cancelling the
prom, they knew the student hate would be on this student.

Who the heck is homophobic in 2010 anyway?

What type of loser would have a problem with a same sex
couple at a school dance?

Personally I think the person on the school board is
clinically ill to do this.

Lets hope public pressure will make the school put the
prom back on and let students take who they want.

Please Stop it, Martin Snedden!

Hey Martin Snedden, can you please stop it, I'm not going
to be able to stand the next 545 days if you don't.

Martin Snedden has once again written another piece for
fairfax on the Rugby World Cup.

This time he has made sure fairfax has taken the comment sections

It's his usual Lies, he once again tells the public that the RWC
will be a stadium of four million people. In fact he has told
us it's vital that we use everyday of the 545 days left to make
this a success.

He went on to say the world will be watching New Zealand.

How can I make this clear to Martin????

I find it sickening that a CEO would lie.

I knew that at the start of 2011, there would be a
massive buildup to this thing, but I never thought
in my worst nightmare that all the BS marketing would
start 545 days before it.

This is why I wont be part of the stadium of four million.

The NZRFU wants everybody to be involved, but the NZRFU has
screwed every other sport in this country. Releasing major press
statements to the media on the eve of other sports big events.

Refusing to cooperate with other sporting codes in terms
of the use of venues and the timing of events.

Lying about numbers and manipulating the media.

Do you really think the NZRFU would want the public
to get behind say a Basketball or cricket world cup.

So Martin, please don't expect people to bend over
backwards for your cup, and please, we are not on show
to the world, we maybe on show to the rugby supporters
of half a dozen countries, but that's it.

Do you really expect people to forget about other sports
and focus on your cup for the next 545 days, it anit
going to happen.

You should be ashamed of yourself, and what you have
done to sport in New Zealand.

I guess money does talk.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Well Deserved Oscar Win!

Congrats to Sandra on her Oscar win. Extremely well deserved.

Sandra seems to be an easy target, especially for stuff bloggers
and stuff readers, who are leaving messages that the Oscars have
lost all credibility giving Sandra the Oscar.

I'm guessing those leaving comments, haven't seen her performance
and are also trying to appear arty by dissing her. She's an easy
target for them, so it doesn't take much time to think to do

Ive been a fan of her ever since Speed, and her work relationship
with my favorite artist, Garth Brooks.

The pair meet when Garth visited the set of Hope Floats in the
late 1990's, he did that movie's central song.

Sandra has since been working off and on with Garth, since 2002
developing the Movie Sprinkler Queen. That project has been
off and on again for a few years,it now seems to be
back on, Sandra recently attended one of Garth's one
man show's at the Wynn and a release date of 2012 is being
talked about.

The Movie will be produced by Garth's Red Strokes Company, with
Garth as Executive Producer and Frank Oz will direct.

With that type of star power, the movie cannot fail.

Time will tell.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The audience weren't having a laugh

For the first time in The Tonight Show's history, NBC decided to
add a laugh track. It seems Sarah Palin's comedy routine, fell
more than flat according to people who attended the taping, and
the producers felt the need to add a laugh track.

Perhaps she should stick to politics?