Sunday, February 14, 2010

Should Martin Snedden be arrested for Fraud?

Should Martin Snedden be arrested for Fraud?

Martin Snedden is the Chief Executive for 2011 World Rugby World
Cup, to be held in New Zealand.

The government is pouring a lot of money into this, the public is
playing a lot for tickets, and paying a
lot in local rates.

The public is expected to alter their life's for the run of
the tournament.

Advertisers will pay a lot to be part of it.

The reason being, we are being told this is a huge
event globally and the world will be watching.

The truth is different, parts of England will be watching,
parts of France, and maybe Wales and South Africa.

Yet the CEO, Martin Snedden is saying "FOUR BILLION PEOPLE

This is a lie, and cannot just be wiped away with the amount
of money investors will pour in.

If a CEO of a company made up a number that he knew was
a lie, the stockholders will have his head.

So why the difference with Martin Snedden?

He's in charge of this event, the numbers he is talking
about is a lie, isn't this fraud? and shouldn't he be
arrested for it?

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