Monday, February 15, 2010

Phil "The Liar" Gifford

A Journalist with 40 years experience cannot be
that stupid can they? Surly this is a case of
the Journalist just lying because he knows his
readers haven't a clue on the subject that he
is talking about.

The Journalist I'm talking about is Phil Gifford.
The picture above is taken from a comic type
book he did. He should of stuck to that part of
his career, because the Journalistic side of him
is non existent.

Phil in a column said

"The NFL has guys as big as Lomu, and
as fast as Lomu, but never in the same package."

Now of course his rugby fan base would of eaten up
that statement, but it has no fact to it.

For some reason Phil thinks the top guys in the
NFL can only run 10.80 hand time. That is a Lie.

The guys bigger than Lomu (120kgs) or more can run
faster than that.

Of course the speedsters in the NFL can run 10.20.

So why Phil, a Journo with over 40 years in the business

Its a disgrace, but it's what most New Zealand rugby
Journos do and our rugby mad public never questions it.

This is why I think New Zealand rugby fans are the
most ignorant sports fans on earth and it's the
media's fault.

People like Phil who continues to lie and is cheered on
by his colleagues when he does so.

I feel sad for sport, I feel sad for Journalism, I
feel sad for the people of New Zealand.

We deserve better than a liar like Phil Gifford.

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