Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Canada!

One of the great sporting moments in History may be coming
up soon.

The Olympic Ice Hockey final, millions of viewers will tune
in around the world, from Europe to North America to Asia.

I'm hoping the home team Canada can make it all the way through
to the gold medal match, it will mean so much to the good
people of Canada, who are obsessed with Ice Hockey.

The great one will be cheering them on and that should
be inspirational enough for the Canadians to take Gold.

It shouldn't matter if your a Hockey fan or not, it
shouldn't matter if your a Kiwi or a South African, the
Gold medal match for Ice Hockey at the Olympics is one
of the best and biggest sporting events on the face of
the Planet.

Hopefully Canada will be there, hopefully Russia will
be their opponents.

Oh Canada, Go Canada.

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