Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Country Music Takes Grammy's Big Prize

Country music once again proved how diverse of a genre it is.

Not only did young singer songwriter Taylor Swift take out the
big one, album of the year, but traditional sounding Zac Brown
Band won for best new artist.

It shows how many sides country music has, two major awards
going to two completely different sounding artists.

The critics of Taylor must of been disappointed, they have
tried to paint her as a paint by numbers, manufactured,
big label artist, but that is so far from the truth.

Her label is off music row and is independent, they let
Taylor do all the work on her album in a small studio.

She writes her own stuff, she plays a guitar and her songs
are about her own personal experience, everything an artist
should be.

She had the number one album in the USA last year, and works
very hard at her profession, so this Grammy is well and truly

The Grammys don't normally get it right, but this year they
did the right thing, giving it's album of the year and best
new artist to acts who deserve it.

Fingers crossed this will continue.

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