Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Apprentice New Zealand Begins

The Apprentice New Zealand has begun.

It's off to a flying start, I was very impressed
with the first episode.

New Zealand's version of Donald Trump is
Terry Serepisos he is the owner of Professional
football team the Wellington Phoenix.

For the first task, teams had to set
up a BBQ in two different locations in

The teams were men versus woman. The men had a strange way
of picking their leader for the first task, they drew the
names out of hat, imagine what Trump would say,the men
then stuffed up by going to the wrong location.

Not a good start for the boys.

The girls were all set up in the right place, and decided
to buy cheap food because customers wouldn't know the
difference,(not very good IMHO)plus they were a bit
aggressive in their sales tactics.

In the end the men won, because they charged more
for their food.

The woman lost and got Kim fired for not having
follow thru on her ideas.

I really think when this series comes to it's finale,
it wont be the people that were the main focus of
episode that will be in that final show.

Those people fell into the reality TV zone of trying
to act real tough and mean, thinking they will look
good in Terry's eyes.

Well I'm afraid in the business world, its the people
who stay calm under pressure and can get the best
out of people that ends up on top.

Time will tell.

Roll on Episode two.

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Go Dave!