Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey Martin, the Reasons I wont Support the RWC

Pictured above is Martin Snedden, he is the CEO of the RWC.

He recently wrote a piece for Fairfax, saying how he would
love all New Zealanders to support the Rugby World Cup in

He went on to say, that a lot of New Zealanders despise
rugby, but he still wants to invite those people to enjoy
the RWC because it will capture the nation.

I put it to you Martin Snedden, that you have it wrong, you
have it reversed, it's not the fact that people despise rugby
in this country, it's the fact that Rugby people despise any other

This is the reason why I won't follow the RWC.

Growing up at school, it was always the Rugby Kid that made
fun of any other sport, it was always the Rugby Kid that
would get angry if someone talked about another sport, it
was always the Rugby Kid that was insecure and thinned
skinned, and it was always the Rugby Kid that would lash out.

I never once had a Field Hockey fan call me an offensive
term for liking soccer, I never once had a League fan
call me a loser for liking Basketball. I never once
had a cricket fan call me a wimp for liking American

But guess what, I have had plenty of rugby fans do this.

One guy I did a Chef course with, spent the whole time
ripping into anyone, who didn't think Rugby was the
greatest sport of them all, the Martial Arts guy we
had in our class, he would scoff at, the girl that did
Badminton he would make fun of, and I made the mistake of
bringing up the fact That I like Basketball, well he didnt
let up that day.

So you see Martin, there's a pattern of rugby fans dishing
out pure hatred to anyone who is a non rugby fan.

I remember an old school teacher, he had a class
favorite, this rather large ten year old, who
got away with murder for about six months, he
did any5thing he liked, then one day our teacher
asked him if he would try out for the school
rugby team, this kid said he couldn't because
he plays soccer for his club.

This teacher screamed at him, gave him detention,
and told him since he wants to play a girls sport,
he has to wear a dress to school the next day.

For the rest of the year this kids name was mud.

There are plenty of cases of kids being told they
are not allowed to played League or Basketball by the
schools and they have to play Rugby, these kids have
also been a victim of corporal punishment because of
the sport they choose to play.

There are plenty of other reason too, why I wont be
part of this RWC.

One of them is the Lies that you yourself have spouted,
about huge this tournament is going to be.

You give out over inflated figures on the viewing
audience. We are constantly told it's the third largest
sporting event in the world, the media does your bidding
with this, apart form a few bloggers, they repeat the
lies handed out by the NZRFU.

Other trick is to press statements on the eve of another
sports big event, to try and take away from that sport.
This practice has been happening for decades.

The RWC is NOT the Third Biggest Sport Event in the World.

So let me correct you on a few things, before I go on.

Four Billion people wont watch this tournament.

The Final in 2007 had 23 million viewers, which made it
the four watched sport event that WEEK.

98% of all viewers come from just six countries.

South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia, Wales
and Ireland.

The HUGE PROMO RUGBY BALL you sent around Europe to
promote the RWC had to close down because it had no

Apparently you say the All Blacks are a global brand,not
according to their traffic on the web though where they are
listed in their web ranked as 132,620, while your average
professional sports team make the top 5000.

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball,
Cricket, xgames, Ice Hockey garner higher TV ratings,
more sales in Merchandise, more Press, than the RWC
could ever dream.

A study conducted by TGI Europe in 2006,
shows that in just four European Countries,
The UK, Spain, France and Germany, shows
there are 33 Million Basketball fans.

A global study, conducted by Roper Starch
Worldwide in 1997, shows that 11 percent of
the world's population plays Basketball,
and its the fastest growing sport in the Asia region.

Television ratings of International games
and the European League are second only to
Soccer thruout Europe.

AN NBA Franchise could cost you up to a
Billion Dollars.

Tv rights for the the NBA measure in
the tens of Billions in the USA alone.

The European Basketball league rights are worth
in the Hundreds of Millions Sky Sport Italy
recently payed $5.3 Million a season for the
Israeli Basketball league alone.

Also look at the sport of Handball, their world cup final
had over ten million viewers in Germany ALONE.
There are 19 million handball players

There are 166 member countries of the (IHF)

In France only Soccer and Basketball gets higher TV Ratings.

There are 795 thousand handball teams in the world

There are 19 Million players

Take a look at the coverage the Ice Hockey is getting at the
Olympics, the world is watching.

Ice Hockey is the National Sport of Norway, Sweden, Finland,
Canada and Russia, Czech Republic, Austria and Solvakia(IIHL)

The world baseball classic had the highest TV ratings for
any programme in Japaneses history, it also broke records
in several central American countries.

Baseball is the number one sport in Korea,
America, Japan, Cuban, Putero Rico and Venezuela, Tawain.

Baseball is the fastest growing sport in the West Indies.

It's players are the highest payed sportspeople
on earth. (Forbes Magazine)

MLB has the biggest representation of countries
than any other sports competition including football. (ESPN)

Fox recently played Billions for the rights
to air the world series upuntil 2013, plus
regular weekly matches.(Forbes)

The average salarly of new York yannkee is 6.6
Million a year, while their payroll is over
200 Million a season. (Forbes)

Have you ever wonder why BMX riders get paid more than
NewZealand rugby players?

This blog post is getting too long, but I could go on and
on about tens of dozens of sports that have comps much larger
than the RWC.

So it's the hyper inflating of Rugby by the NZRFU,
the media it's fans which is why I also wont get involved.

I may be able to forgive all that, but unfortunately there
is the negatively and lies towards other sport that is
spouted daily by our media.

Sports such as Basketball, Baseball are brushed off and
just called American Sports, whereas the truth is they
are far more global than Rugby could ever dream to be.

The media also treats these sports with poorly, reporting
inaccurately, the stories are never done in a positive light.
This is done purposely to try and make Rugby look better.

Any sport that is deemed to be in competition with Rugby
gets smashed by the Rugby Loving media.

Rugby games are now scheduled to go head to head with
other sports, all for the purpose so other sports can
die a slow death, the cricket season (a summer sport)
now has to compete with the rugby season, believe me
this was thought out by the NZRFU, they want to kill
off any other sport in this country.

Its so sad to see what Rugby Bosses and the media have
done to other sports in NewZealand. A sport that
is deemed to be in competition with Union, eg: Basketball
and League they are automatically ripped into. Take a look
at our once thriving NBL, it now lacks any media coverage at
all, the Kiwi League team can win a world cup and not
even get a Halberg Nod.

This has always happen and will continue to do so, I
wouldn't be surprised if they pass a law saying your
not allowed to wear a shirt of another code during the
duration of RWC.

This RWC is the worst thing that could happen to sport
in this country. The new laws that are being passed by
Parliament that is allowing the RWC security officers
to have unprecedented rights to private property is
shocking to say the least.

So Mr Snedden, I wont be taking part in this event,
I won't be telling friends and family overseas to
come to this event.

It's not because of the reasons that you gave, but
Like I said at the start of this blog post, just reverse
what you said.

It's the fact that Rugby people are so insecure about
their sport that they have to make up numbers and
verbally and physically abuse anyone or any sport
that rugby fan.

I would have to say that the NewZealand rugby fan, have
to be the most naive, ignorant sports fan on the face of
the planet, but they think others are that way, and that
they themselves are the most knowledgeable.

So I wish you all the best Martin with this little event
that will mean so much to rugby fans here, it may make
a lot of kiwis happy, I for one though are never happy with
lies and corruption.

Its too bad some CEO's are.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Country Triumphs Over Rock Yet Again

Just like in 1990's where everybody from every
Genre was in the Shadow of Garth Brooks, country music
has one again dominated Rock in the 00's.

George Strait who is pictured had the most album
certifications for a male, with 29 in total.

The Eagles were the top group with an amazing 48

Taylor Swift was the top selling female artist
with 25 Certifications.

Shania Twain had the highest selling album of the
00's, up which sold 11 million.

The first album of the 00's to go Platinum was
Leann Rimes 1999 self titled release.

Garth Brook's 1998 Live album, became the biggest
selling live ever when in 2005 it was certified
for 21 million copies sold.

He has currently sold 128 million albums in the
USA, making him the top selling male artist ever.

Kenny Chesney has played to more people in the 00's
than any other artist, solo or group.

So the decade of the 00's has followed the same path
as the 90's all other genres in country music wake in
the USA.

So much for the editors of mojo magazine, saying the Genre
was going thru a short fad in the early 90's.

Oh to the New Zealand media, our own Keith Urban became
the biggest selling NewZealand born artist ever, I'm still
waiting for Simon Sweetman to blog about this.

Well done to all involved in the country music
industry, this is what happens when you keep it
about the music.

Roll on this decade.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Canada!

One of the great sporting moments in History may be coming
up soon.

The Olympic Ice Hockey final, millions of viewers will tune
in around the world, from Europe to North America to Asia.

I'm hoping the home team Canada can make it all the way through
to the gold medal match, it will mean so much to the good
people of Canada, who are obsessed with Ice Hockey.

The great one will be cheering them on and that should
be inspirational enough for the Canadians to take Gold.

It shouldn't matter if your a Hockey fan or not, it
shouldn't matter if your a Kiwi or a South African, the
Gold medal match for Ice Hockey at the Olympics is one
of the best and biggest sporting events on the face of
the Planet.

Hopefully Canada will be there, hopefully Russia will
be their opponents.

Oh Canada, Go Canada.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Apprentice New Zealand Begins

The Apprentice New Zealand has begun.

It's off to a flying start, I was very impressed
with the first episode.

New Zealand's version of Donald Trump is
Terry Serepisos he is the owner of Professional
football team the Wellington Phoenix.

For the first task, teams had to set
up a BBQ in two different locations in

The teams were men versus woman. The men had a strange way
of picking their leader for the first task, they drew the
names out of hat, imagine what Trump would say,the men
then stuffed up by going to the wrong location.

Not a good start for the boys.

The girls were all set up in the right place, and decided
to buy cheap food because customers wouldn't know the
difference,(not very good IMHO)plus they were a bit
aggressive in their sales tactics.

In the end the men won, because they charged more
for their food.

The woman lost and got Kim fired for not having
follow thru on her ideas.

I really think when this series comes to it's finale,
it wont be the people that were the main focus of
episode that will be in that final show.

Those people fell into the reality TV zone of trying
to act real tough and mean, thinking they will look
good in Terry's eyes.

Well I'm afraid in the business world, its the people
who stay calm under pressure and can get the best
out of people that ends up on top.

Time will tell.

Roll on Episode two.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Phil "The Liar" Gifford

A Journalist with 40 years experience cannot be
that stupid can they? Surly this is a case of
the Journalist just lying because he knows his
readers haven't a clue on the subject that he
is talking about.

The Journalist I'm talking about is Phil Gifford.
The picture above is taken from a comic type
book he did. He should of stuck to that part of
his career, because the Journalistic side of him
is non existent.

Phil in a column said

"The NFL has guys as big as Lomu, and
as fast as Lomu, but never in the same package."

Now of course his rugby fan base would of eaten up
that statement, but it has no fact to it.

For some reason Phil thinks the top guys in the
NFL can only run 10.80 hand time. That is a Lie.

The guys bigger than Lomu (120kgs) or more can run
faster than that.

Of course the speedsters in the NFL can run 10.20.

So why Phil, a Journo with over 40 years in the business

Its a disgrace, but it's what most New Zealand rugby
Journos do and our rugby mad public never questions it.

This is why I think New Zealand rugby fans are the
most ignorant sports fans on earth and it's the
media's fault.

People like Phil who continues to lie and is cheered on
by his colleagues when he does so.

I feel sad for sport, I feel sad for Journalism, I
feel sad for the people of New Zealand.

We deserve better than a liar like Phil Gifford.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Should Martin Snedden be arrested for Fraud?

Should Martin Snedden be arrested for Fraud?

Martin Snedden is the Chief Executive for 2011 World Rugby World
Cup, to be held in New Zealand.

The government is pouring a lot of money into this, the public is
playing a lot for tickets, and paying a
lot in local rates.

The public is expected to alter their life's for the run of
the tournament.

Advertisers will pay a lot to be part of it.

The reason being, we are being told this is a huge
event globally and the world will be watching.

The truth is different, parts of England will be watching,
parts of France, and maybe Wales and South Africa.

Yet the CEO, Martin Snedden is saying "FOUR BILLION PEOPLE

This is a lie, and cannot just be wiped away with the amount
of money investors will pour in.

If a CEO of a company made up a number that he knew was
a lie, the stockholders will have his head.

So why the difference with Martin Snedden?

He's in charge of this event, the numbers he is talking
about is a lie, isn't this fraud? and shouldn't he be
arrested for it?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Dat say going beat them Saints

Nobody can beat them Saints!!

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning the

A superb performance by their defense, lead them to the
title, this poor city who was devastated by Hurricane
Katrina now have something to celebrate and judging by
record TV ratings globally, the world was also celebrating
with them.

Drew has no cemented himself in sporting History, he is
now on a par with the Manning's, the Warners and the Farve's
of the world.

He deserves it.

So do the good people of New Orleans.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wanna be a Masterchef

I wish I could cook, that must be the greatest
feeling in the world, but I have the pallet of
a child.

The hit British and Australia programme MasterChef
has come to New Zealand, although the programme is
not as good as the Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen,
it's going to be great to see how New Zealanders do.

The pressure on people to cook something to perfection
while being timed, and having someone look over your
shoulder must be extreme.

I hope these guys and girls do well, someone may end up
having a new career out if, I also hope the contestants
involved aren't just people who want a career in reality
TV, for this show.

It's going to be great to see people from all walks
of life, try and create a dish that is beautiful and

Good luck to them all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Country Music Takes Grammy's Big Prize

Country music once again proved how diverse of a genre it is.

Not only did young singer songwriter Taylor Swift take out the
big one, album of the year, but traditional sounding Zac Brown
Band won for best new artist.

It shows how many sides country music has, two major awards
going to two completely different sounding artists.

The critics of Taylor must of been disappointed, they have
tried to paint her as a paint by numbers, manufactured,
big label artist, but that is so far from the truth.

Her label is off music row and is independent, they let
Taylor do all the work on her album in a small studio.

She writes her own stuff, she plays a guitar and her songs
are about her own personal experience, everything an artist
should be.

She had the number one album in the USA last year, and works
very hard at her profession, so this Grammy is well and truly

The Grammys don't normally get it right, but this year they
did the right thing, giving it's album of the year and best
new artist to acts who deserve it.

Fingers crossed this will continue.