Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phoebe Prince

Phoebe Prince was a 15 year old girl from Ireland,
who moved with her family to the USA.

She was a victim of "Mean Girls" bullying.

She took constant abuse from a bunch of popular
girls at South Hadley High School, they called
her every name under the sun, one day she was
walking home, and some more abuse was hurled
at her from these girls, a bottle was thrown at
her head, she continued to walk home, walked
into a closet and killed herself.

But her bullies didn't stop there, in a memorial
set up on facebook, they wrote abusive messages
about her, and even after her funeral, they kept
on bad mouthing her at school.

Its quite sad that even this girls death, wasn't
enough for the bullies, they still felt the
need to abuse her. How low of a HumanBeing do
you have to be to do that?

They even joked that they played dumb to the police
and the police fell for it, students that gave
interviews to the media about what a sweet girl
Phoebe was, were assaulted by these girls as
soon as the cameras were turned.

What should be done to these high school girls?

There are many suggestions going around the
internet, one they need to be charged with
a form of manslaughter, also they should have
to confront the victims family.

One Journo even suggested that they are made to
look at the autopsy photos (I agree with this)

Phoebe is the victim here, she was a victim
of bullying and took her life, these bullies
have to take responsibility for what they have

It's called Mean girls syndrome, unfortunately
for these girls, mean girls normally end
up marrying their male counterparts.

Also they are in for a nasty shock once they
leave high school and are out of their safety net
of their own little group.

Whats going to happen to them when they finally
realize what they done? I doubt they will be tending the
school reunion in 20 years time.

From all that I have read Phoebe Prince was a
sweet girl who will always be remembered by her

While these "Mean Girls" will always be remembered
for the bullies that they are.

I think that is justice.


sauerkraut said...

The Mean Girls thought they were popular but now they are just mocked for being jerks.

Kaptk said...

I am a parent of two teenagers. This is an outrage! Phoebe died a needless death. This could have definitely been prevented. School administrators and some teachers at South Hadley High School should be at least fired! Zero tolerance! The administrators and teachers of this school have permitted a hostile environment to evolve, and they never took corrective action. The highest priority and sense of urgency should be on everyone’s radar when it comes to the safety and welfare of our children. The teachers and school administrators are responsible for educating our children and providing a safe environment to learn. After a thorough investigation, I believe some of these South Hadley school administrators, teachers and parents have accountability and should pay by way of the criminal and civil court system. What disgusts me the most is that these criminal students still bullied Phoebe on her memorial websites. Where is the remorse for the death of Phoebe and her family from the parents of these bullies? Where is the remorse from the South Hadley High School Superintendant and Principal? Where is the remorse from the South Hadley School teachers? Human rights, civil rights and the life of Phoebe Prince has been violated and destroyed. All direct and indirect parties involved including students and adults should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I applaud the district attorney and hope she has the courage to bring justice to this horrific crime. This is tragic. May Phoebe Prince rest in peace...

Anonymous said...

She should never had died. It's unbelievable how the mean girls just won't stop. I could do so much more than what the staff did for Phoebe which was nothing, and I'm not even a teenager yet!