Thursday, January 21, 2010

Israel Helping Haiti

Was there any doubt?

Israel has once again put it's hand up and is
helping out in Haiti.

The silence from its critics is deafening.

Israel has shown true leadership by sending a team
of 220 people that includes medical staff, and they
have built a makeshift hospital that will treat over
5000 people a day. They have also sent over a search
and rescue team like they did in India, Turkey and
Kenya during their disasters.

A brilliant effort from a country with only 5.7
million people.

Where are the critics, where are the likes of
John Minto now and those posters on the
extreme left wing site The Standard who feel
the need to yell out "You have got blood on your
hands" to Israeli Tennis players.

Yes Israel has blood on their hands, its from
treating the sick and dying in Haiti.

Perhaps certain bloggers who can stand on
a street corner in Auckland with a megaphone,
would like to do some real good and fly over
to Haiti, instead of complaining.

I anit holding my breath.

But I will take off my hat and say a big
thank you to the good people of Israel.

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