Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hypocrite of the Decade

Congrats to Brendan Telfer for winning the Hypocrite
of the decade award over John Minto and the sports

Minto was a close second for allowing apartied to happen
in New Zealand, for disclosing in an email that he
couldn't care less if cafes refused to serve Israelis
in New Zealand.

Behind Minto was the sports media of New Zealand for
downplaying sex crimes by Rugby Union players but
not rugby league players.

Brendan Telfer won the award for a couple of comments
and a vote during the 00's.

He refused to nominate the Kiwi League team (who won the
world cup in 2008) in 2008 for team of the
year at the Halbergs, because according to
him "League is a worthless sport"

He went on to explain only a handful of countries
play League and the sport is not worthy of
a world championship.

Yet, in 2009 he nominated and has voted for
The Silver Ferns to be TEAM OF THE DECADE.

The sport of Netball is similar to League in
size, although smaller, its taken seriously
by two, maybe three countries.

He has not only shown bias thru the decade,
but he hes been above all other sports
Journos in New Zealand, a Hypocrite.

He has earned this award, no one deserves
it more than Telfer.

If he is still doing what he does in ten
years time, he will go back to back.

The poor people of New Zealand are the ones
that suffer.

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