Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holy Cow My Conspiracy Theory is Right!!

Who would of thought it?

After having countless conspiracy theories, involving the
amazing race, The Apprentice, the New Zealand sports media
and the New Zealand music media, a conspiracy theory that
I have,has ended up being true.

I had this theory, that came about a few years ago, when
a friend of a co worker, told me that those good looking
babes you see during the Wellington Sevens are paid to be
their, they are actually models and the broadcasters are
told to focus their camera shots on them to give the event
a glamorous look.

Now thanks to the good people at the Sunday Star Times,
I know this is partly true.

The Breweries companies, pay the models and kit them out
and send them to the Wellington Sevens.

This has been happening for years, my only problem with
this is once again with the media who don't report this.
They show the crowd shots without telling the audience
that the people they are showing are paid to be their.

I found that to be disgusting, they should make
the public aware that this is just a marketing stunt
or show the real paying members of the public that
are there.

By not saying these girls are employed to be there
and aren't fans is actually lying to the TV audience.

I hope this practice will stop, but I'm not holding my

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