Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gervais was Genuis

To the critics of Gervais's performance as host of
the Golden Globes.

I don't think you get what Ricky Gervais does.

He was never going to be in the style of a
Billy Crystal making jokes about the New
Jersey Nets or the President.

Gervais humor comes from embarrassment,
it is suppose to be cringe worthy, its
not laugh out loud comedy and that is
the genius of the man.

It's about making people feel uncomfortable
making them feel awkward, and that is why I
thought he was was a brilliant host, those
in the audiences didn't know how to take
it, and that is what made it impressive.

I'm sure he wont be ask to host again and I'm
sure they will try and play it nice and
safe, maybe having Robin Williams do funny
voices on stage or something.

By the way I'm a fan of both Crystal and
Williams, so that is not a dig at those
two comedians.

The pure comedy from Gervais comes form the
fact that it's not a act.

I kinda thought he would get poor
reviews,he will probably wear it
as a badge of honor.

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