Monday, January 11, 2010

Garth Changes Everything

Garth Brooks recently did his second set of shows
in Vegas and his critics were left stunned and
walked out the building shaking.

You see, Garth has done what no other show/artist
has ever done in Vegas before, and that is
perform a show that wasnt scripted.

Every performance you see in Vegas is scripted,
every setlist, every word spoken is written
months before hand.

But not Garth, here is the biggest selling solo
artist in USA History, just standing there in
a baseball hat a sweater and a pair of jeans,
talking to the crowd and taking requests, there
is no setlist for Garth, and that is what makes
him special.

He is a game changer, other artists have to
reinvent themselves, or spend millions of
having the top producers and directors for
their shows, not Garth, and that shows the
genuis of the man.

These several weekends a year over the
next five years in Vegas, will change the
city, other artists may try and take credit,
but one sincere artist is the man responible.

Hats off to Garth Brooks.

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