Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Deathy Hallows

Spoilers may be included in this post.

The countdown has begun already for Harry Potter and the
Deathy Hallows Part 1.

Over at and the Leaky Cauldron,
fans are all abuzz, even discussing at length
at who is going to write the score for the film.

Part one will be released this November and Part
Two (the final part) will be released in June 2011.

Apparently they are going to be very true to the
book, which will please fans, some of whom were
disappointed with the Half Blood Prince.

More of Dumbledore's funeral may be included in
the movie, and the kids will play themselves as

This is going to be so different than the Rest
of the Harry Potter films, the first part doesn't
take part in Hogwarts, as Emma Watson said "Its a
road trip Movie"

Those who have read the books will know all this.

I cannot wait, a big hats off to all the actors for
sticking with all these movies, they have done
themselves proud, especially, Daniel, Rupert and

Lets hope it will be a magical experience.

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