Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Courageous Young Woman

Shahar Peer is a courageous young woman who
is a Tennis Player from Israel.

While playing here in New Zealand she
had to put up with anti western protesters
headed by a blogger named John Minto.

She fought on and on and eventually made
the semi final, well done to her, thanks for
bringong grace and hope to your sport.

To the protesters, I have several questions..

Your protest group you belong is called Global
Peace and Justice, is that right????

Your group stands up for the rights of
people all over the world???

If this is correct, how come you werent screaming
abuse at the North Korea girls soccer team
when they were here?, over their government actions???

Would you ever protest an Iranian tennis
player because of their government actions?

Why not be honest, your protests are about your
idealogy, its a anti west and anti capitalist
protest, its nothing to do with Apartied,
if you were truly against Apartied, you
would of stood by the two Iraseli women
who were refused service last year at a cafe.

Instead, your leader Minto said “he couldnt care less”

That showed me that you have no integrity.

Oh by the way, thanks for my laugh of the
year, who was the Idiot that yelled
out “This is was a police state looks
like” when one of the protestors got arrested”

That was freakin funny, did you guys
really think that NZ is a police state??

The second biggest laugh of my
year, was when you guys put censored
stickers over your mouth.

I mean come on now, Minto writes for
fairfax!!!! he is in every paper and
on every channel, you guys arent censored.

Perhaps I should plan a counter protest outside
your house, I will have an Israeli flag
and my Toby Keith CD’s, surly you would be
for my right to do this, or does Free
Speech only apply to you?

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