Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can you Believe it?

Who would of thought it?

A game of soccer in Christchurch could get 19 thousand+

Wasn't even an international, but a club game, that didn't
involve Christchurch.

The Wellington Phoenix must now make this an annual fixture
with Adelaide, to bring soccer to Christchurch.

The night was a 100% success, they double what they thought
they would get, the crowd was singing and chanting, the
game was tense, people of all ages were enjoying themselves.

This is what sport is suppose to be about, the local
council has spent $50 Million dollars of the rate payers
money, so they just cant use this venue for one sport, they
must bring soccer to Christchurch as much as they can.

The sporting public here deserves more and we now have
a venue to enjoy.

So fingers crossed.

Oh by the way Wellington won the game!

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