Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can you Believe it?

Who would of thought it?

A game of soccer in Christchurch could get 19 thousand+

Wasn't even an international, but a club game, that didn't
involve Christchurch.

The Wellington Phoenix must now make this an annual fixture
with Adelaide, to bring soccer to Christchurch.

The night was a 100% success, they double what they thought
they would get, the crowd was singing and chanting, the
game was tense, people of all ages were enjoying themselves.

This is what sport is suppose to be about, the local
council has spent $50 Million dollars of the rate payers
money, so they just cant use this venue for one sport, they
must bring soccer to Christchurch as much as they can.

The sporting public here deserves more and we now have
a venue to enjoy.

So fingers crossed.

Oh by the way Wellington won the game!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Randy Newman Losing You

The great Randy Newman.

From Toy Story Three due for release in June.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phoebe Prince

Phoebe Prince was a 15 year old girl from Ireland,
who moved with her family to the USA.

She was a victim of "Mean Girls" bullying.

She took constant abuse from a bunch of popular
girls at South Hadley High School, they called
her every name under the sun, one day she was
walking home, and some more abuse was hurled
at her from these girls, a bottle was thrown at
her head, she continued to walk home, walked
into a closet and killed herself.

But her bullies didn't stop there, in a memorial
set up on facebook, they wrote abusive messages
about her, and even after her funeral, they kept
on bad mouthing her at school.

Its quite sad that even this girls death, wasn't
enough for the bullies, they still felt the
need to abuse her. How low of a HumanBeing do
you have to be to do that?

They even joked that they played dumb to the police
and the police fell for it, students that gave
interviews to the media about what a sweet girl
Phoebe was, were assaulted by these girls as
soon as the cameras were turned.

What should be done to these high school girls?

There are many suggestions going around the
internet, one they need to be charged with
a form of manslaughter, also they should have
to confront the victims family.

One Journo even suggested that they are made to
look at the autopsy photos (I agree with this)

Phoebe is the victim here, she was a victim
of bullying and took her life, these bullies
have to take responsibility for what they have

It's called Mean girls syndrome, unfortunately
for these girls, mean girls normally end
up marrying their male counterparts.

Also they are in for a nasty shock once they
leave high school and are out of their safety net
of their own little group.

Whats going to happen to them when they finally
realize what they done? I doubt they will be tending the
school reunion in 20 years time.

From all that I have read Phoebe Prince was a
sweet girl who will always be remembered by her

While these "Mean Girls" will always be remembered
for the bullies that they are.

I think that is justice.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holy Cow My Conspiracy Theory is Right!!

Who would of thought it?

After having countless conspiracy theories, involving the
amazing race, The Apprentice, the New Zealand sports media
and the New Zealand music media, a conspiracy theory that
I have,has ended up being true.

I had this theory, that came about a few years ago, when
a friend of a co worker, told me that those good looking
babes you see during the Wellington Sevens are paid to be
their, they are actually models and the broadcasters are
told to focus their camera shots on them to give the event
a glamorous look.

Now thanks to the good people at the Sunday Star Times,
I know this is partly true.

The Breweries companies, pay the models and kit them out
and send them to the Wellington Sevens.

This has been happening for years, my only problem with
this is once again with the media who don't report this.
They show the crowd shots without telling the audience
that the people they are showing are paid to be their.

I found that to be disgusting, they should make
the public aware that this is just a marketing stunt
or show the real paying members of the public that
are there.

By not saying these girls are employed to be there
and aren't fans is actually lying to the TV audience.

I hope this practice will stop, but I'm not holding my

Monday, January 25, 2010

Garth Brooks to Produce Sandra Bullock in Sprinkler Queen

Garth Brooks is set to produce Sandra Bullock in
the movie Sprinkler Queen due for release in 2012.

Sandra Bullock who has recently won a Golden Globe
and a SAG for the movie Blindside and is hot favorite
to win an Oscar, has been signed on for the project
since 2009.

Garth's film company Red Strokes Productions, named
after his 1993 hit song and Bullock's own company will
be co producing the film.

Frank Oz has signed on as Director and Liz Brixius
will write the screenplay.

According to sources on the net, since retiring Garth has
written several scripts, including "The Lamb".

Sprinkler Queen is a comedy based on Bullock's
character who is a Agent who tries to talk her
big star to come back to Hollywood.

With Garth Brooks and Frank Oz behind the scenes
this project has all the makings of a huge
success, and thanks to Bullock's successes in
recent years, it may take charge during award
season also.

Time will tell.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Deathy Hallows

Spoilers may be included in this post.

The countdown has begun already for Harry Potter and the
Deathy Hallows Part 1.

Over at and the Leaky Cauldron,
fans are all abuzz, even discussing at length
at who is going to write the score for the film.

Part one will be released this November and Part
Two (the final part) will be released in June 2011.

Apparently they are going to be very true to the
book, which will please fans, some of whom were
disappointed with the Half Blood Prince.

More of Dumbledore's funeral may be included in
the movie, and the kids will play themselves as

This is going to be so different than the Rest
of the Harry Potter films, the first part doesn't
take part in Hogwarts, as Emma Watson said "Its a
road trip Movie"

Those who have read the books will know all this.

I cannot wait, a big hats off to all the actors for
sticking with all these movies, they have done
themselves proud, especially, Daniel, Rupert and

Lets hope it will be a magical experience.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Israel Helping Haiti

Was there any doubt?

Israel has once again put it's hand up and is
helping out in Haiti.

The silence from its critics is deafening.

Israel has shown true leadership by sending a team
of 220 people that includes medical staff, and they
have built a makeshift hospital that will treat over
5000 people a day. They have also sent over a search
and rescue team like they did in India, Turkey and
Kenya during their disasters.

A brilliant effort from a country with only 5.7
million people.

Where are the critics, where are the likes of
John Minto now and those posters on the
extreme left wing site The Standard who feel
the need to yell out "You have got blood on your
hands" to Israeli Tennis players.

Yes Israel has blood on their hands, its from
treating the sick and dying in Haiti.

Perhaps certain bloggers who can stand on
a street corner in Auckland with a megaphone,
would like to do some real good and fly over
to Haiti, instead of complaining.

I anit holding my breath.

But I will take off my hat and say a big
thank you to the good people of Israel.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gervais was Genuis

To the critics of Gervais's performance as host of
the Golden Globes.

I don't think you get what Ricky Gervais does.

He was never going to be in the style of a
Billy Crystal making jokes about the New
Jersey Nets or the President.

Gervais humor comes from embarrassment,
it is suppose to be cringe worthy, its
not laugh out loud comedy and that is
the genius of the man.

It's about making people feel uncomfortable
making them feel awkward, and that is why I
thought he was was a brilliant host, those
in the audiences didn't know how to take
it, and that is what made it impressive.

I'm sure he wont be ask to host again and I'm
sure they will try and play it nice and
safe, maybe having Robin Williams do funny
voices on stage or something.

By the way I'm a fan of both Crystal and
Williams, so that is not a dig at those
two comedians.

The pure comedy from Gervais comes form the
fact that it's not a act.

I kinda thought he would get poor
reviews,he will probably wear it
as a badge of honor.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Thoughts and prays with the good people of Haiti.

You can donate thru the usual outlets, Red Cross etc.

A big hats off to the USA, who once again are showing their
heart in leading the relief efforts.

We can only hope the aftershocks will soon stop,
and the people will get the help they need.

We live in hope.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Zealand Versus Mexico

Over on the big soccer forums, Mexican soccer fans aren't
happy about their teams warm up match for the
world cup, someone needs to tell them the last
time these teams meet the score was 4-0 to the

So perhaps we might be a challenge to them after all.

New Zealand versus Mexico may not set the world's
heats a flutter, but it's an important for both
sides preparing for the World Cup.

The game will be played in the USA at the world
famous Rose Bowl and who knows, a crowd of over
50 thousand may turn.

So good luck to both sides, and those fans on the
big soccer forum, may be in for a nasty shock.

We live in hope.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Under the Dome (Spoliers)

I have just finished Stephen King's huge Novel, Under
the Dome.

Interesting to say the least.

Basically, the story invovled an invisble dome blocking
off a city called Chester Mill from the rest of the world.

I managed to finish the book in about two weeks.

The subplot invovled Jim Rennie who wanted to rule the
town with an Iron Fist and would stop anyone in his

This is where Dale Barbara comes in, a vistor to the
town who is trapped like everybody else and he
is the town's only hope.

My only sore point with the book was some of the
towns people seem naive to what Jim was up too.

I don't want to give anything away at all, but
if your a King fan you will love it.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Garth Changes Everything

Garth Brooks recently did his second set of shows
in Vegas and his critics were left stunned and
walked out the building shaking.

You see, Garth has done what no other show/artist
has ever done in Vegas before, and that is
perform a show that wasnt scripted.

Every performance you see in Vegas is scripted,
every setlist, every word spoken is written
months before hand.

But not Garth, here is the biggest selling solo
artist in USA History, just standing there in
a baseball hat a sweater and a pair of jeans,
talking to the crowd and taking requests, there
is no setlist for Garth, and that is what makes
him special.

He is a game changer, other artists have to
reinvent themselves, or spend millions of
having the top producers and directors for
their shows, not Garth, and that shows the
genuis of the man.

These several weekends a year over the
next five years in Vegas, will change the
city, other artists may try and take credit,
but one sincere artist is the man responible.

Hats off to Garth Brooks.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hypocrite of the Decade

Congrats to Brendan Telfer for winning the Hypocrite
of the decade award over John Minto and the sports

Minto was a close second for allowing apartied to happen
in New Zealand, for disclosing in an email that he
couldn't care less if cafes refused to serve Israelis
in New Zealand.

Behind Minto was the sports media of New Zealand for
downplaying sex crimes by Rugby Union players but
not rugby league players.

Brendan Telfer won the award for a couple of comments
and a vote during the 00's.

He refused to nominate the Kiwi League team (who won the
world cup in 2008) in 2008 for team of the
year at the Halbergs, because according to
him "League is a worthless sport"

He went on to explain only a handful of countries
play League and the sport is not worthy of
a world championship.

Yet, in 2009 he nominated and has voted for
The Silver Ferns to be TEAM OF THE DECADE.

The sport of Netball is similar to League in
size, although smaller, its taken seriously
by two, maybe three countries.

He has not only shown bias thru the decade,
but he hes been above all other sports
Journos in New Zealand, a Hypocrite.

He has earned this award, no one deserves
it more than Telfer.

If he is still doing what he does in ten
years time, he will go back to back.

The poor people of New Zealand are the ones
that suffer.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Courageous Young Woman

Shahar Peer is a courageous young woman who
is a Tennis Player from Israel.

While playing here in New Zealand she
had to put up with anti western protesters
headed by a blogger named John Minto.

She fought on and on and eventually made
the semi final, well done to her, thanks for
bringong grace and hope to your sport.

To the protesters, I have several questions..

Your protest group you belong is called Global
Peace and Justice, is that right????

Your group stands up for the rights of
people all over the world???

If this is correct, how come you werent screaming
abuse at the North Korea girls soccer team
when they were here?, over their government actions???

Would you ever protest an Iranian tennis
player because of their government actions?

Why not be honest, your protests are about your
idealogy, its a anti west and anti capitalist
protest, its nothing to do with Apartied,
if you were truly against Apartied, you
would of stood by the two Iraseli women
who were refused service last year at a cafe.

Instead, your leader Minto said “he couldnt care less”

That showed me that you have no integrity.

Oh by the way, thanks for my laugh of the
year, who was the Idiot that yelled
out “This is was a police state looks
like” when one of the protestors got arrested”

That was freakin funny, did you guys
really think that NZ is a police state??

The second biggest laugh of my
year, was when you guys put censored
stickers over your mouth.

I mean come on now, Minto writes for
fairfax!!!! he is in every paper and
on every channel, you guys arent censored.

Perhaps I should plan a counter protest outside
your house, I will have an Israeli flag
and my Toby Keith CD’s, surly you would be
for my right to do this, or does Free
Speech only apply to you?