Monday, December 14, 2009

The Halberg Awards

Surly it must be the All Whites. It has to be doesn't it?

In less than a month's time the Nominees for the New Zealand
sport awards, (The Halbergs) will be announced.

In the team of the year Category, surly it has to The New Zealand
Football team (known as the "All Whites" for the colour of
their Uniform) for making its first world cup in 28 years.

I cant see any other sporting team getting close to them.

The other Nods will probably be The New Zealand mens
Basketball team (The Tall Blacks) for beating Australia
and the New Zealand men's Ice Hockey team for beating
Australia for the first time.

I sincerely hope the judging panel don't show bias against
these sports, and I hope they dont go with the usual
Netball or Rugby, the integrity of their profession
is at stake.

So when the nominations are announced in a few weeks time
and then the award show in February, lets hope a bunch of
proud footballers end up the winners, because they deserve it.

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